The Selfie Obsession

Please tell me why people are so crazy? Yes, I know, hard question! I will try to make it a little easier. Why are people so obsessed with selfies! To the point that they will put themselves in perilous situations to take one!

We have all heard the stories, and recently I have heard more. The latest being that a passenger on the Royal Caribbean got booted off the ship after she was caught climbing over the railing so that she could take a selfie! The ship has strict rules about climbing on or over railings. Why do they need rules like that? Apparently due to people like this lady!

It was only a few weeks ago that my husband told me about a lady that climbed into a lion’s cage at a zoo. A wild lion! Does she not know that lions can be very dangerous and that even if she did get a selfie she may not survive to look at it?  Fortunately the lion wasn’t hungry and she did survive, but I am just sitting here shaking my head!

Not only were these people putting themselves at risk, they could have very well put others at risk too if they would have had to rescue them! Not to mention that the poor lion may have been killed if he would have attacked the lady, who invaded his territory.

Those  2 people were lucky they survived, but there are way too many reports of people that have suffered serious injuries or died while taking selfies! Wikipedia has a list,

Here are just a few examples from the list!

A Polish couple fell to their death off a cliff in Portugal after crossing a safety barrier to take a selfie with their children. Their two children who were present at the scene survived.

A 23-year-old student from Poland fell to her death while trying to take a selfie on the ledge of the Triana Bridge in Seville, Spain.

A man from San Diego was hospitalised for five days following an attempt to take a selfie with a rattlesnake which then bit him.

A woman in Yellowstone National Park was gored by an American bison while taking a selfie. She was treated for injuries.

In Campos dos Goytacazes in Rio de Janeiro, a 32-year-old woman died after she fell in a waterfall while attempting a selfie.

And I read lots of incidents of people climbing on top of a trains to take a selfie and getting electrocuted because of touching live wires!

I am all for pictures! I love taking pictures with my family and friends. Looking back on them and smiling at the memories. I can promise you though that there will be no pictures of me standing right next to a wild animal or dangling off a ship, or on the precipice of a cliff! A picture may be worth a 1000 words and I would rather the words not be.”Her last picture” inscribed on my tombstone! Keep taking pictures people, but please when you do, use your head!



20 thoughts on “The Selfie Obsession

    • Oh yes! That could be a whole other post! Sad and scary, for it seems like no matter how many accidents have happened , people still do it!! My friend has is a truck driver and has passed people reading a newspaper while driving! Driving should not be a multi-tasking activity!

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  1. The allure of taking selfies in general has always eluded me, never mind taking foolish risks for that unique moment of self aggrandizement…brief as that may prove to be! There is often news about preventable accidents and/or deaths caused by the endless quest for the perfect selfie. I suspect that their last thought is ‘this was not a good idea’ and indeed that’s often true. Mayhaps my lack of understanding the concept of selfie taking is due to not owning a Smart Phone, or some other such device, that would enable me to do so. Though, I rather doubt that to be the case as I have never been fond of any photos of me. As Phyllis Diller said : “My photographs don’t do me justice, they look just like me.” Thank-you!

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  2. I have never taken a selfie . . . and likely never will. The compulsion to record every moment often means that we miss the moment while trying to “capture” it.

    As for all those fatal selfies ~> people can be such dumb clucks.

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