Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! Brr! This morning was the coldest it has been yet. Summer is definitely gone! Yesterday I was craving a kind of cake that my Mom used to make a lot when we were growing up. It was a moist chocolate cake with homemade caramel icing. The best icing that I have had!

What food do you remember from your childhood that you loved ?

May those memories bring you smiles. Enjoy the quotes today, and I hopeΒ  that they leave a good taste in your heart!

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  2. 69602505_1524446614377015_5889081636686921728_n
  3. 70758267_1894238150679363_4974328532638367744_n
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  6. 88abb7fadc2c5f1f2252674d59e419c4
  7. 50-funny-inspirational-quotes-that-will-laugh-you-hilarious-18
  8. life-quotes
  9. img_20190215_190145_848-min.jpg
  10. anne-frank-quotes-9





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