It All Started with a Letter … Part 2

This is Part 2 of a story that I didn’t think would have a Part 2. 🙂  For part 1 you can follow this link. I hope you enjoy both parts.  It All Started with A Letter


Samantha had been driving for about 2 hours now, her stomach was still full from the delicious breakfast at the diner and her excitement was growing. She should arrive at her destination in the next hour.

She noticed that she was heading deeper into the country. She had left behind the tall buildings of the city and was passing by  farms and creeks. Her smile grew bigger, for she loved traveling on back country roads.

The Weeping Willows trees by the creek  were so lovely! Then a few more miles down the road she saw two farmers  standing out in the field. The one was holding a shovel in his hand, while the other one was peering down the hole. She wondered what might be in the hole.

Only 3 miles to go! Her hands started getting a little sweaty, she soon would be there!

Rounding the bend, she gasped. The house was beautiful. It was a stone house, a lovely shade of russet brown, and it had a wrap around porch with a porch swing that looked so inviting.

Samantha pulled into the long drive, her heart was pounding as she parked. This was it! She would finally see her grandmother again, after way too many years of separation.

She had fond memories of her grandmother, but she had been so young when she had seen her last. She remembered how they would go berry picking together and she would let Samantha help her make strawberry pie. Then as the pie baked, she would hold her on her lap and they would read fun stories together out of Samantha’s favorite books. Samantha wiped a tear as she reminisced.

Her separation from Grammy Ella had been so abrupt and Samantha had cried and cried, for she was so confused about why her family moved so far away from her Grammy. Her Mom had let her write letters, but it wasn’t the same, she wanted to feel her hugs. Then suddenly the letters stopped. She was told that her Grammy had moved and they didn’t have the address, but that didn’t make any sense. Her parents acted strange but she couldn’t get anything out of them and eventually she went on with her life. She got busy with friends and school, but she never forgot her childhood memories of her precious Grammy.

When a certified letter came for her from her Grammy, she was speechless! There wasn’t much in the letter besides her Grammy telling her how she has thought of her so much over the years and that she longed to see her. For her to please come and visit. She sent money for the plane ticket. There was so much to explain the letter had said.

Samantha was a little hesitant to tell her Mom about the letter, but she did. Her Mom didn’t say much besides giving Samantha a big hug and telling her with some tears in her eyes, that she should go and see her. That it was time.

Samantha smiled through her tears when she saw her Grammy step out onto the porch. Her heart was in her throat. Suddenly her nerves about seeing her after so long vanished and she couldn’t get to the porch fast enough, as she ran.

“Oh my sweet Sammi! How I have missed you!”  her Grammy threw her arms around her and Samantha got lost in the magic of her hug. They had so much to discuss, so many things to explain, but for right now the questions didn’t matter, for finally she was once more,  back in her Grammy’s arms of love!




18 thoughts on “It All Started with a Letter … Part 2

  1. This is a beautiful, heartwarming story, but it leaves unanswered questions. You haven’t provided a complete ending. Here’s my suggestion:
    While Grammy and Sammi were hugging, a stern-looking lady emerged from the house and stood over them. She said, “Okay, no more touching.” Sammi drew back, looking confused.
    Grammy explained: “This is Mrs. Hildaschmoot. She runs the halfway house I’m living in, and we have strict rules here. I shouldn’t have hugged you, but I just couldn’t help it. I’ll probably have to do some extra chores now, for punishment. But you can come inside, and we can visit, as long as we don’t touch anymore.”
    They went inside and sat down on a couch in the livingroom of the halfway house. And that’s when Grammy explained that many years ago she had been convicted of bank robbery, which is why she had moved with no new address. But now she was out of prison and in a halfway house.
    She told her granddaughter, Sammi, whom she loved very much, that in a few months she would be released from the halfway house and be completely free. And then they could hug all they wanted.
    And then, in low whispers, she asked for help. She told Sammi that her bank robbery loot was hidden in a remote location difficult to access. She needed Sammi to hike to it, and retrieve it. She promised her half the loot if she would agree to this task.
    A few months later, Sammi retrieved two million dollars in unmarked bills, split the loot, and as new millionaires, she and her Grammy lived happily ever after.

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