Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Sometimes things don’t always turn out as you expect …. Remember the boat ride  that was only supposed to be a “3 hour tour!” 

Imagination can be great in writing, except when it slams on its brakes and you are in the middle of the road. 

The JOY in a child’s heart when their birthday comes around shouldn’t leave when their an adult …. Birthdays should be celebrated at every age! 




26 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

    • That song does get stuck in one’s head easily doesn’t it. We had bought the series on DVD s for our kids to watch and they loved them. The shows were watched and re-watched and my youngest could sing the theme song perfectly. LOL!
      As to your last remark., yes there will always be the adults that need to be a little more mature. There is a balance between having fun and being immature.
      I just think that too easily as adults we groan about our birthdays because it means we are getting older but they should still be celebrated. Life is a gift and we should be thankful for every year we get.

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      • Yes – I agree about the birthdays an the groaners…. and That is why I like someone you meet who has had cancer – they always say they “get” another bday!

        And that gilgians island tune is a super fun song!
        A year or two ago I saw a show with the actress that played Maryann a they did a fund raiser for her / and she mentioned how none if the actors made very much money from the show (not even the Howells- ha)


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