Your Internal Thermostat

Inspiration from this post is thanks to my husband!

My husband and I have one area that we have been different in ever since we started dating. We both have very different internal thermostats!  When we are outside, he is always the first one to get cold. He can be bundled up in a winter coat, with hat and gloves and I am laughing. I may be cold depending what the temp is but never as cold as he is and its not because I am wearing a warmer winter coat. A lot of times my coat will be thinner than his.

Now at home though, its a different story. Our thermostat is set at a comfortable level, but I could have it a few degrees warmer. It is usually very common for me to have a blanket on when on the couch, or my cozy robe on at night and still a blanket on top of me. Meanwhile he is wearing short sleeves and looking at me like I am crazy.

Tonight started the season again of us being outside and disagreeing with each other. LOL! We were coming home from a little outdoor festival. Before we got to the car he was saying how cold he was. His warm jacket was zipped up and he had his hands in his pocket. I didn’t have my jacket zipped up and I was fine, it was getting on the chilly side, but it wasn’t bad.

We get in the car and he cranks up the heat to warm his hands. Once they got warmed up, we switched roles once again. I soon was asking him why he turned the heat down so far. Well to him it was perfectly warm in the car. I said, its cooler in here than it was outside, and again I got the , “Are you crazy look?”  We just shook our heads, as he kindly turned the heat up a few more notches.

We arrive home and come inside, put some things away and decide to start a card game. While we are playing cards it hits me how I still have my jacket on and I am very comfortable. Meanwhile Brad of course has his jacket off.

I would tell you what we have our thermostat set on, but I have a feeling the reaction that I would get would favor Brad’s opinion. If  you guess the temp I will let you know if you are correct. Perhaps I can find someone else on here who likes it as warm and cozy in the house as I do!

So do you have the same problem? Is the one you live with always colder or warmer than you?  Do you mind the cold or the heat more?

Now in the summertime I will be quicker to get hot! I can be sweating buckets and my husband will not mind it nearly as much. He was in Oklahoma for 3 months during the summer one year for his job. He would call me and I would ask what he did that day and he would talk about playing tennis. How hot is it I would ask. His reply a lot of times was 100 degrees! You will not find me playing tennis when its 100 degrees! Tennis is a very active sport for me for I am constantly chasing after my ball! He said how its a dry heat, they don’t have the humidity like we do, which does make a difference. But still once it hits 100 degrees its plain down HOT, no matter how dry the heat is!

Brad does have a “scientific” theory of why he gets colder faster, but I am not exactly convinced that his theory is correct! I may have rolled my eyes.

We may never agree on temperatures, but at least we both have warm hearts for each other.  After all, that is what’s most important, right! 🙂


26 thoughts on “Your Internal Thermostat

  1. Ha. It is funny how we experience heat or cold so differently. In summer the AC is set between 73 and 78 depending on if the sun is hitting the room where the thermostat lives. During the winter we drop the setting to between 63 and 68 again in deference to that big sunny window. At night, I have been known to let it drop to 58. My down comforter is just too warm 😊 My guess on your temp is 75

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  2. Same here. Hubby will be sitting huddled in jumpers and a blanket across his feet and I’m in a tee shirt. At night, I throw the covers off, he ‘slugs it’ turning round and round. He says I’m like a hot water bottle that never gets cold, but I just get uncomfortable!
    We thought about single duvets for each of us on the bed, but with Maggie sharing too, that wasn’t practical! Hubby is currently in the spare room with duvet and two blankets, whilst I’ve got a duvet and the dog, plus her blanket at the bottom of the bed as she knows she mustn’t get up until it’s in place. If I’m cold, it’s either way below zero outside or I’m ill.

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  3. We’re about the same, both indoor and out. She gets hot easily, and I get cold easily. We tried to resolve our differences on thermostat settings, through derringers at 20 paces. But we both missed. So we’ve had to compromise. In the summer the thermostat is set at 79. And she runs a fan to help keep her cooler. In the winter the thermostat is set at 73. And I wear a sweater to stay warmer.

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    • So nice to know that I am not alone! 🙂
      We do both agree about keeping a fan on when we sleep at night. We like the feel of it and even though I am usually the one colder inside, while sleeping I get hot easier. It probably has to do with that “wonderful” M word creeping up on me! Things could get real interesting when that hits! LOL!

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  4. As long as your “internal combustion engine” is in motion (e.g., walking around outside), it sounds like you stay plenty warm (and too warm for a game of tennis when it’s 100 degrees) . . .

    But you cool down fast if you’re not moving (e.g., sitting on the couch, playing cards, etc).

    I don’t like to be too hot or too cold. Call me Goldilocks!

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  5. The comments here are a little different from the issue that was raised. Though I get cold quicker outside, she gets cold quicker inside. Have any of you experienced that with another, where one of you gets cold quicker outside and the other gets cold quicker inside? That’s what we’re curious about.


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