The Bad “T” Word

While sitting in the tire repair shop today, a memory came back to me.  I was sitting there listening to the phone ring and the guy who answered kept saying the same phrase. “It’s a great day here, who do I have the pleasure of speaking with today?”  He was very upbeat, but I wondered how he could do that everyday, how many times he had to repeat that over and over?

I then remembered how there was a time long ago that I repeated the same phrase over and over again on the phone. One of my very first jobs was a ….. . Yes, I don’t want to say it too loud, please don’t throw stones, but well, for a short time, I was a telemarketer!

I sold magazines, any kind of magazine you wanted, I could sell you. I had a piece of paper with my script on it, but after reading it several times on the phone, I didn’t need the paper anymore. It wasn’t that I just had it memorized, it was that I chose to improvise!  Of course, I only could do that when the boss man wasn’t in the room.

As much as I hated bugging people on the phone, I will say that I had some fun moments with the job. My improvising actually helped me to become one of the best sellers at the company and I had some fun conversations on the phone.  We talked about their pets or their hobbies and then I would suggest a magazine that they may like.

I liked keeping things simple. On the paper there was written responses we were supposed to give to people that said “No.”  My response was ” Okay, thank you, have a nice day!” and I moved on to the next person on the list to call. That’s how I made more sales.  I was busy calling, why my co-workers were busy trying to convince the people they called, that they really did want some magazines.

There was a little bell on our desk that we were supposed to ring when we made a sale. That would get the boss’s attention and he would come to finalize the sale. There were times I would try to very lightly ring the bell, for I didn’t always get the friendliest looks from my co-workers when they would hear my bell… again! I kept the boss happy though.

I made decent money, but didn’t stay there long, too monotonous and like I said, I didn’t like bugging people. If people wanted magazines, they could just go to the store and buy them!

Do you have a job story you would like to share? One of your first jobs that perhaps you can’t believe that you did? A job you wouldn’t do again?  Feel free to share below.

23 thoughts on “The Bad “T” Word

  1. My only interesting job story was when I was a cashier at a store that sold a lot of varied things. I worked in linens, and one time a customer threw a comforter at me because it wasn’t in sale. Good times

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  2. Great story. I can imagine you were good at sales, and since you chose to improvise rather than follow the script, I won’t hold your telemarketing past against you.

    One of my wife’s first jobs was at a Der Wienerschnitzel (a hot dog fast food chain). One day a little boy came in and bought a hot dog. But when he tried to pay, he came up a nickel short. So my wife said, “That’s okay.” And she picked up the hot dog, took a bite of it, then handed it to him. She was just joking, and was going to make a new one for him, but he took her seriously and took the hot dog and went home.

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  3. My favorite part time jobs included:

    Test Monkey at Bell Laboratories (testing phone reception)
    Beertender at the Hoi Polloi (college bar) ~ listening to local bands (and drinking beer) for free
    Working in a snack hut at the Garden State Arts Center ~ listening to rock concerts for free


    Distributor of Survival Kits on campus during exam week ~ the kit included an inflatable hammer that stressed students could smack against the side of their head to relieve stress.
    Fire Safety Consultant ~ selling fire safety equipment. I made ONE presentation (to a volunteer firefighter and neighbor who convinced me to QUIT).


  4. I think I’ve got a good one for you, Joy, but it will take a little more than a couple of lines to tell the story… I think I’ll write a post about it, and link you in 😉 Thanks for the idea 🙂 xx Oh, and thank you for having been that kind of telemarketer!! I just hate it when people don’t take no for an answer 😛

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  5. When I was 19 and stupid, I started working for a temp agency. The first few days was clearing brush and weed-whacking and I didn’t mind that too much. But then they said that the next day I would have to go to the city raw sewage facility and shovel out the dried pit of raw sewage to make way for more wet sewage. I didn’t show up for work the next day. In fact, I don’t remember if I ever even collected a paycheck from those guys.

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    • I do believe you passed me in bad jobs! I would call people any day over digging out raw sewage! Can’t blame you for not showing up the next day!
      Makes me picture going to the outhouse in Tippy’s story and cleaning that out. No thanks!

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  6. My first job after leaving school was a returns clerk. It was up to me to match paperwork to appliances taken in part exchange or scrapped on new sales. I had huge books in which to date stamp the job number……. black for completion, red for cancellation. I left after 14 months for a job in a High Street Bank as I felt I could do more than stamp the date on bits of paper in a book!


  7. Telemarketers, of the sort that you admit to having been, are only held in slightly higher esteem than the detested Robocallers that plague my phone every single day! That said, I will not hold it against you as everyone must somehow make a living to keep body and soul together. If you found pleasure in the task then it was a worthwhile adventure, though doubtless you were not always greeted warmly by your victims. My entire gainful employment history was in health care from my earliest high school years through to retirement…except for one short year. During my first years of being a single Mother and finding my paycheck not stretching far enough, I decided to try something that seemingly required little training and caused less stress. I became a donut finisher and counter girl for Dunkin Donuts. My thinking was that though tired and distracted at times after having worked my 3-11 nursing shift, my chances of killing someone were much lessened. Let me just tell you that holding multiple wee donut holes in both hands whilst attaching them to the filling machine in the attempt to insert the jelly was daunting! If your aim was poor or you were slow, you ended up coated with jelly filling. In due time it became easy and my uniform remained clean. There were many perks to the job and I’m not just talking about the free coffee and donuts. The best part, according to my elementary school Son, was the Bucket of Munchkins (free to me) that I brought home each morning and accompanied him to school making him a hero! Though it was challenging to have the display cases constantly filled with eye appealing products, the interaction with customers was a marvelous experience. It was also beneficial to have gained local police officers as friends…they received free donuts and coffee from DD. It also made me feel safe when a police vehicle was parked outside the doors, though the one time a robbery was attempted there was no policeman in sight, but that is another story! I kept those bright pink dresses, white logo aprons and perky white hats just in case I ever chose to return which I never did. Many years later my Daughters wore them as Halloween costumes! I wonder if Dunkin Donuts could use an “experienced” worker? Thank-you!

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    • This cracked me up. I can am sure I would have jelly all me if I had that job but I am sure you made so many customers smile with your cheery personality! Definitely gotta love the freebies! Yum!!! Maybe they would hire you back. 🙂 Cool that you kept the uniform! And a robbery!! Do tell more! Real glad you weren’t hurt!

      Thanka for not holding my job against me. 🙂

      I was laughing also because you mentioning Dunkin Donuts made me remember one of my first romances. Ahh!! I got free donuts too because of him working there😊😊


  8. Having had a job where a certain phrase is repeated over and over, it becomes second nature and you kind of forget what you said. Although the cheerfulness part of saying it probably comes from genuinely enjoying your job.
    P.S. We won’t hold the telemarketer job against you. 😍I always try to be kind to telemarketers and let them tell me their whole spiel while remembering they’re just trying to make a living. If they get rude or pushy, I do admit I can easily say it’s not a good time and please remove me from their call list. You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar, right?

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  9. I can see it becoming second nature. 🙂

    Thanks for not holding it against me. LOL!
    It did give me an inside view of what the telemarketers go through. I forgot to mention that we were supposed to stand all the time too! Yes we had a desk and a chair but we were supposed to stand up while talking. Don’t ask me why. 🙂
    So yes those poor tired workers need understanding , and I will be nice as long as they don’t get pushy!
    So true about the honey 🙂


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