Being a Friend!

When was the last time you spoke to a stranger? The last time you smiled at someone you didn’t know? I love walking by little children and have them call out “HI!” as they smile really big and wave.

Here is aΒ  short video clip that made me smile and I hope it does you too! Children may be small, but sometimes they can teach us so much!

42 thoughts on “Being a Friend!

  1. Well, if grown-ups asked questions like kids do, I wouldn’t mind walking up to a stranger. There will be judgments and prying into personal lives. At least that’s how it is in our society. Especially with the lifestyle we’ve chosen. Some can’t grasp the idea that there isn’t only one way to live. I work, but not in a brick and mortar office. My kids learn, but not surrounded by the walls of traditional school. Kids, they ask about the here and now, and other quirky questions about the future. πŸ˜‰

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  2. I talk to people everywhere I go . . . especially if I can think of something to say that might make them laugh.

    Yesterday on the beach, a girl playing in the sand next to her dozing dad watched my approach. I gave her a thumbs up. She grinned and replied, “HI!” I said, “Hi to you too.” At which point, dozing dad opened his eyes to see what he was missing. πŸ˜€

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  3. A marvelous reminder to never lose the joyful spontaneity of a conversation with whoever wherever one finds themselves. “In the grand scheme of things, our lives are a network of conversations about a host of topics with a variety of people in an array of contexts.” – Dr. Tim Baker. Thank-you!

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