Not your typical Back-to-School Ad!

Different ideas were going around in my head this morning for a post, but nothing was quite feeling right. Then I came across this short but powerful clip and knew I had my post. It was put together by a group from Sandy Hook Elementary School. That is the school that had a school shooting in 2012  which took the lives of 20  little children and 8 adults! Warning. this video will NOT leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling! I’m sorry.

Is this the new America now, where every day school supplies have now become something much more! Will this be how America stays?


Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! This time last week I was sitting on a beach with my feet in the sand ….  and ….  Ahh! The memories. Allow me to post one more picture of my friends please. They were literally swarming around me, as I had just fed one.  Let me tell you they know how to spread news quickly!


May you soar through this week with happiness! Enjoy the quotes!


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Daydreaming in the Field


The buzzing awakened her. A bumble bee was resting on one of the royal blue cornflowers that were blowing in the wind. Emmy Lou opened her eyes, wondering how long she had slept for. She hadn’t planned on going to sleep, she had been daydreaming, lying on her back watching the clouds. She must have drifted off to sleep as the clouds drifted by.

Looking at her watch she realized that she better hurry. Her Mama wasn’t going to be happy if she was late again. They had washing to do. Her Mama had let her go fishing if she promised to be back in time. The fish weren’t biting so she started for home, but got distracted as she imagined herself looking for a special treasure. Emmy Lou walked through the fields keeping her eyes down looking for a special treasure. Perhaps she would find some bags of gold, or maybe a special jewel. Maybe the special jewel wold belong to someone famous and she would get a huge reward. Oh the dreams she could dream. Her Mom always told her that she had her head in the clouds. Emmy Lou preferred it that way, it was fun to use her imagination.

Mr.Monofish would often get on her case as well for daydreaming, but it wasn’t Emmy’s fault that she didn’t find English exciting. Don’t even get her started on arithmetic! Her poor Math teacher smacked his head on his desk so many times due to her. Numbers just did not fascinate her like they did him. Their only purpose was to confuse her as they would get jumbled around in her brain. Imagining a seahorse rising from the water and letting her hop on him, was so much more exciting!

Perhaps the seahorse would take her to a castle under the sea. In the deep coral blue sea she would meet all kinds of sea creatures and they would talk to her.  They would ask her to sit with them and have some tea. They wouldn’t expect any math problems out of her. She wondered what all the colors there would be under the sea. Oh, she was doing it again, she had to go! Mama was sure to be mad!

She flew down the dirt road, wishing she could run at the speed of the bee and the butterfly that flew by.

Emmy Lou watched the butterfly, she wondered where it was going. Was it on a secret mission, perhaps it really wasn’t a butterfly, but a prince in disguise, captured in a spell. That was it, she needed to rescue it. Perhaps if she captured it, the spell would magically be broken. Yes, Emmy Lou, to the rescue, wait up butterfly. she thought, as she ran.





Sunday Smiles at the Lake


We took a hike around the lake today. The lake brought to mind a story from “The Odessa Chronicles.”  A story that brought a smile. Dewey, the cat, gives in to his curiosity and falls for a trick, when he is with his friends at the lake.

When have you fallen for something? What’s a big joke that was pulled over on you or that you pulled on someone else?  What would it take to lure you into a trap? With Dewey, its just about anything, for his curiosity gets the best of him! Jaxon, the jackalope. is a little more smart about being cautious, though he may follow a trail of crispy vegetables to a trap. Odessa is a wise barn owl, as she will let you know repeatedly, but even the wisest ones can still be tricked. The man-servant may be sly, but if you are clever enough, you just may be able to pull one over on him.

You never can be too sure about what may happen with our Moonbeam gang! If you would like to know more about Dewey’s adventure at the lake, just click on the book cover in the right hand margin.  The perfect book to enjoy while sitting by the lake on a beautiful Fall day!

Warning: You will need a healthy dose of craziness in you before reading, and you need to love to laugh! A desire to become childlike again, as you take a visit to Moonbeam Farm. If you are not sure how crazy you are,  just find your birthday month on the “scientific” chart below. Can’t say I totally agree with this chart, but … I am sure there are some people that may. If you don’t rate too high on the craziness scale, don’t worry, you obviously need this book then. It will help raise your score, which will help you relax, taking a break from the stresses of life!

What do you think of the chart? Did it get you right? 🙂





What Did the Fox Say?

For those of you who may have been wondering what visitor joined us at the beach early Wednesday morning, here is your answer!  I was not planning to see a red fox when I turned my head. Sorry that the picture is blurry, was so startled to see it so close and quickly took a picture before it ran away. Then it just kept staring at me as I stared back. Who knows what it was thinking!

There was a real popular song back when my kids were younger called, “What Did the Fox say?”  One of those songs that you get in your head and you can’t get out. Any guesses on what this fox would have said if it would have spoken?

Feel free to share in the comments, your story on what could have transpired between the fox and I. You can let your imagination take over.

Colin you win the gold star for your “wild guess”  🙂 And who knows,  Tippy, perhaps next time I will see a sea cow. Though I think its more possible that I may see Nancy’s guess, a sea turtle. I would enjoy seeing that!





Friday’s Super Short Stories!

It’s Friday the 13th and a Full Moon tonight …. Superstitious? You may want to stay in bed! ( Any superstitions you remember hearing as a child? )

While at the beach enjoying the sunrise  … turned my head and realized I had company! What was it? Take a guess and I will post a picture of it later. A clue, it walked on 4 feet, but no, it wasn’t a dog or cat! 

Be like the sun! It always rises, breaking through the darkest night. 



Coming Together!

I was up at the crack of dawn yesterday to watch the sun rise at the ocean. As the beauty once again filled me with awe, I thought of the date. It was 18 years yesterday since “9/11”, a day that so many will never forget. I thought of how many people woke up that morning 18 years ago, perhaps witnessing a brilliant sunrise, and feeling all was right with the world, only to have their world torn apart before the next sunrise!

I thought about how America came together on that horrible day. How differences that had once seemed so big, were now insignificant!

I saw the following quote last night and it struck a chord in me.


Yes, I want this America back again! Not only did we come together in America, but the World came together. Other countries embraced us in our dark time, with no thought to what polices we agreed or disagreed on! They were there for us and our hearts were touched.

The following 2 video clips just give a glimpse of how the world reacted. May they touch your heart like they did mine and be a reminder that we are capable of showing love and not discriminating against our differences. Let us make it “9/12” again, before we have another “9/11!”

The following clip doesn’t have to do with “9/11”, but it came up as I was browsing and it made me smile!  Though it may not have happened around “9/11” it shows what this post is about. About coming together and helping out when needed!

Thoughts by Odessa

Hi everyone, Odessa here. Thanks to Jaxon’s magic powers, we were able to check in on Carolyn and Colin. We have been wondering what they have been up to. Its been quite awhile since they visited us here at Moonbeam Farm.

While Colin seems to be keeping himself busy with various things, it appears that Carolyn has run off to the beach!

So its Odessa to the rescue once again! Figured I would update her blog for all of you since she apparently isn’t doing it.

So let me share some of my wise thoughts with you. Number 1….

“Hey Odessa, whatcha doing?”

“Hi Dewey, I am trying to post something on Carolyn’s blog for her faithful followers, since she is neglecting them while at the beach.”

“She’s at the beach! How did you know that?”

Odessa sighed, “You would have heard Jaxon tell us if you hadn’t been napping! Now I gotta get back to writing.”

“Number 1…”

“I want to go back to the beach again, remember when we all took an adventure there?” said Dewey.

“Yes, I do, and it was quite the adventure, but I really need to concentrate now Dewey.”

“Number 1…”

“Hey guys, come quick,” Jaxon said. as he burst through the barn door.

“The man-servant needs our help. He got himself into quite the predictament!”

Odessa rolled her eyes, “I can only imagine …!”

They started heading towards the farmhouse and Odessa paused, “Jaxon , did your magic powers show you if Carolyn drove herself to the beach?”

“No, why, I don’t know who drove.”

“Wellll….let’s just hope it wasn’t her, remember what happened to our gate when she and Colin came for a visit!”

Dewey started laughing, and soon they all were laughing as they recalled that memory.

Then they heard the man-servant yelling and hastened towards the farmhouse to see what he needed!

***If you aren’t famaliar with our friends from Moonbeam Farm, just click on the cover of “The Odessa Chronicles” in the right hand margin, and learn more about them. **

“Hi guys, what’s up?” Jaxon asked as he walked into the barn.

Sunflower Smiles


Rows and Rows of Sunflowers, bringing smiles to all who see. 




When we were at the Sunflower fields last weekend we saw this Monarch flying around, looking so pretty as it flew from flower to flower.  I wasn’t able to capture it being still, but my husband managed a shot. On Monday Colin posted his poem “A Monarch Butterfly” on his blog which made me think of Sunday, at the Sunflower fields. I would like to share the poem here. If you are drawn to it, like I was, I would highly recommend his book of poetry, “Just Thinking”, a collection of poetry from the heart, that moves the heart.

“A Monarch Butterfly”

 You flew into my life.


Eye catching:


Your coat of many colours,

Gracefully swirled,

As you moved

In some mystical dance.


I was in awe.

Such beauty;

A Princess…

Right in front of me.

Colours flashed

As you turned around.

A sight indeed to behold

And… all could surely see.


But I was puzzled.

While I could see you

Oh so very clear,

To others it would not appear so.

They clearly saw me,

But passed on by,

And they seemed perturbed.

Didn’t they know?


“Why me?” I asked.

“Why me at this time?

The mysteries of life

Are long gone.

Why would you visit me

Oh fragile princess?

Why am I

Your chosen one?


I reached out to touch,

But you rustled your wings

And gently moved away.

What did I do?

Were you despairing

Of my clumsiness?

Should I even touch

A delicate being like you?


What was your purpose?

The silence was confusing to me.

Your being was a mystery

I did not understand,

But then you moved closer.

You reached out to me

And, for a moment,

You touched my hand.


You told me that I dream.

But to what ends?

They’re always elusive,

As you seemed to know.

Then you moved again.

Were you going to leave?

I had so many questions

Before you go.


But that was the moment

I shall never forget.

The warmth,

Enveloped in a shroud

Of harmony, of oneness.

I was at total peace,

As together we moved upwards.

Upwards and into the clouds.


Dreams would soon be realized.

I just knew this was to be

As we travelled through the air.

Just us two.

The sky became brighter.

My soul was now free.

My questions all gone.

The answers were… all along, you.