Smiles and things that make you go Hmmm…!


This weekend we picked this sand dollar up to make a craft. We couldn’t help but laugh and be perplexed when we noticed the Warning printed on the back of the packaging. “Not meant for Children 14 years or younger.”   Seriously, 14 years??? I never realized that sand dollars were dangerous.

What warnings have  you read on packages and products that have caused you to wonder?

What things make you go “Hmmm….”  Share in the comments below!

And if you need a smile, here are some signs that will hopefully bring one! (brought to you by Pinterest)


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19 thoughts on “Smiles and things that make you go Hmmm…!

  1. Fun to read. Thanks JR. I like the last one best, very funny! And that’s kind of bizarre about the sand dollar, but I guess they’re just covering themselves? I can’t think of anything good off the top of my head. . . Perhaps the salt we put on our side walks when they start to ice up that says “do not eat.” I think or hope that this warning is for children though. Then again, some people might. . . I don’t know why.

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  2. Being somewhat of a cynic these days, I find that people in general make me go ‘hmmmmmmmmm’. But, today’s took the prize. We were in Barnes & Noble Booksellers, I was sitting down sipping coffee and perusing a stack of books, when along came a little old lady … by old, I mean at least 80, perhaps closer to 90, using a cane, and quite doddery. She spent a few minutes perusing magazines, and when she tottered away, I glanced at the magazines she had been looking at, and they were gun magazines! I had to laugh! Love the funny signs, especially the last one! Have a great week, my friend!

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    • HI Jill! Always good to hear from you and that story you shared would have shocked me too! One just never knows. Then again, perhaps someone would be shocked to see the magazines I look at. LOL! No, they really wouldn’t be, Just your typical magazines. Remember Good Housekeeping way back when, before they changed. My sister and I always loved their short, short novels in the back. 🙂 Now though I really don’t look at magazines. Have to many books to read. 🙂
      So glad I could bring you some smiles! Wishing you a great week as well! Hugs!

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  3. I always get a kick out of the notice “do not submerge in water” on blow dryers. I know it’s meant as a warning not to “drop” it into a bathtub but I envision someone putting it in a basin of water and trying to dry their hair. It’s all CYA stuff today so you don’t get sued.

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  4. My favorite sign is the one about the weekend. Recently I opened a package that contained a small plastic bag with some parts. And printed all over the bag were multiple warnings to not play inside of it, as it posed a suffocation risk. I guess the warning is necessary, but I wonder why a parent would give their baby a plastic bag to play with.

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  5. I think sinkholes should come with warnings:

    Don’t Jump on the Rim
    Or you might fall in . . .
    And this hole will swallow you whole!

    That happened to a kid this week. Fortunately, the hole wasn’t too deep (or it wasn’t very hungry) and they rescued him.

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