Power of Words

Words can mean so much and I am not talking about the big, elaborate ones. I am referring to simple words .. words from the heart. They really are powerful and we all walk around with that power in our grasp every second of the day. Who will be touched by your words today?

Writing words for a story is fun, to see the story come more and more alive right in front of you. Working on “The Odessa Chronicles” was quite the adventure, as Colin and I saw the personalities of the characters emerge.Β  We didn’t expect them to grab hold of our hearts the way they did, stirring our hearts with emotion.Β  The power of words is strong.

My Mom shared words with me this past weekend that stirred my heart and I wanted to pass it on. A friend of hers that she hadn’t seen in a while stopped her in the grocery store. Her face was shining and she was all excited. She proceeded to tell my Mom about how much she loved “The Odessa Chronicles” , how fun the characters are and how she so wants Colin and I to write a sequel. That she has enjoyed the book so much that she read it the whole way through twice now!

Those words didn’t take long for her to say, but oh the the power that was in them. They made my heart soar! We have said that “The Odessa Chronicles” is for children of all ages, and she has proved the truth behind that.

When I shared about the “little giant” in my blog post yesterday, I was talking about one of our youngest fans of “The Odessa Chronicles.” He may be little, but his words haveΒ  touched the hearts of Colin and I over and over again! Jaxon is his favorite character and he has excitedly told us about his love for our book many times. His sincerity comes through and he is just so sweet as he has thanked us for writing. Words have power.

Now we have heard from one of our oldest fans. She may be 80 years old, but my Mom said how her eyes just danced when sharing about her love for the book.

“For children of all ages”, it definitely is! You are never too old to let your imagination go and to take a visit to Moonbeam Farm!

Don’t take my word for it, take it from the the lady with the dancing eyes!


16 thoughts on “Power of Words

  1. “The Odessa Chronicles” really is a wonderful book for many reasons. It is a compilation of stories so is easy to just pickup and read for a few minutes … and finish a complete story!
    There are so many human(e) traits explored but, as different as Odessa and her friends are, they display a common bond as/when necessary. When a barn owl, a cat,a jackalope, and a human, can all find a common ground … what is wrong with us humans wasting our limited time on earth by drawing attention to religious, social, cultural,and simple skin colouring differences.
    “The Odessa Chronicles” truly is a book for children of all ages for, while the younger ones will simply find it entertaining, the older ones may just learn something about the possibilities that come from an open mind, and a compassionate heart.
    “The Odessa Chronicles” is available from all the usual book retailers around the world, and comes in eBook, paper-back and hard-cover formats. A great gift for yourself … and don’t forget your friends (of all ages)! Christmas is not that far away, and there are probably a few birthdays before then!

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  2. Great thoughts. Odessa and her friends are all so different from each other but they don’t let their differences stand in the way of them becoming best friends! Why do we humans have to be so petty! As Odessa said, “Humans are Nuts!: She is such a wise owl! Now if she could only get the man-servant’s English straightened out. πŸ˜‰

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