The Dragon Cure

Jinx stared at the crossword puzzle in his book. He was trying to pass time by working on it,  but it wasn’t helping, he couldn’t concentrate. He had only figured out 3 words so far. “Yes”, that word was easy, for what other word was the opposite of “No.  “Dynamic” was a little trickier to come up with, and then there was “Jackalope”, that was a fun one. He was well acquainted with Jackalopes. The other words though were proving more difficult.  He had no idea of what started with a R, had a P in the middle and ended with a T! He closed the book and turned to Jangle.

“Jangle, don’t you think he should be coming out soon?” asked Jinx.

Jangle put down the book he was reading. “I sure hope so, for I have read this same paragraph 3x now, just can’t stop worrying about him. He really looked pale, don’t you think?”

Jinx nodded his head and they sat watching the door. Within a few minutes it opened up and Dr. Doodly  walked out with a smile.

He walked over to Jinx and Jangle and spoke, ” Dinosauris is feeling bad, but its nothing that can’t be cured.

Jinx and Jangle sighed with relief and smiled. “That is great! We knew you could fix him up! You have the magic touch Dr.Doodly”. they said.

“Well, actually I didn’t cure him, you two are the answer to that! Thank you so much for volunteering to take Dinosauris on a little trip. I know I can always count on the two of you.”

“Whoa! Wait a minute…When did we say…”

The Dr interrupted. ” I will ask Santa to give you off work for the next 3 days. Sound good? ”

Jinx and Jangle looked at each other, adventures were fun, and they were always up for one, so why not! They smiled and said, ” We will do anything to help our friend, sure we will go.”

“Wonderful!” It shouldn’t take you that long to get there. In fact you could probably still make it there today, if you left right away. I will go tell Santa Any questions?”

“Well yeah, where exactly are we taking Dinosauris  and what is wrong with him? they asked.

The Dr  chuckled, “Yes, I guess you do need to know that, I was getting ahead of myself. Dinosaris just needs some cheering up. He is very glad that you all brought him to the North Pole, but he is feeling antsy, needs some adventure. I know just the thing to cheer him up, but I thought it would be nice if his friends would accompany him. I want to send you all to visit the little giant!”

“A giant!” Jinx and Jangle both said in unison.

“No need to fear, he is a little giant.” replied the Dr. ” He is little in size, but he has a giant heart and he is wonderful at spreading smiles.”

Jinx and Jangle were visibly relieved to hear that. They were getting excited now. Sounded like this little giant would be a fun person to meet.

It didn’t take much time for them to get ready. Dinosauris had a little more color in his face, he was already getting happier. Eager to go on an adventure with Jinx and Jangle.

Everyone gathered around to see them off. They were glad that Dinosauris was a little happier, he was special to all of them. They hoped that this little adventure would be the perfect cure for him, that he wouldn’t be a gloomy dragon anymore dragging his tail behind him.

They were flying through the sky and Jinx and Jangle were feeling pretty content. Nothing like just sitting back and enjoying the ride!

As Dr.Dooly had said, in didn’t take them too long to get to their destination. Dinosauris landed and they slid off his back looking around. Wasn’t a whole lot to see, didn’t look like anyone was around, but they had seen the sign. A simple sign that read , “The Home of the Little Giant!”

Jinx and Jangle decided to stretch their legs and go on a little walk. Perhaps they would find the “Little Giant”. Dinosauris wanted to rest, since he had done all the work, while Jinx and Jangle just enjoyed the ride.  They said they would be sure to bring the “Little Giant” to him if they found him.

“Well, it feels like we have been walking for awhile and we haven’t seen any signs of a little giant.” Jinx said.

“Perhaps we should go back to check on Dinosauris, and we could have some supper. I am getting rather hungry.”  said Jangle.

Jinx agreed and they started heading back.

After they were walking a little ways, Jinx stopped, “Jangle, did you hear that?”

“Hear what?”

“Ssh! Just listen.” said Jinx.

They both stood very still and then the sound came again.

“Wow!Am I hearing what I think I am hearing?”

Jinx grinned, “I believe so, the sound of a dragon laughing is pretty distinct! Hurry, lets go!”

They ran the rest of the way and were shocked to see that Dinosauris wasn’t alone. There was a little boy standing with him. They were both laughing so hard, that tears were in their eyes.

Neither of them could speak when Jinx and Jangle first got there.

Finally Dinosauris caught his breath and said, “HI guys! So glad you made it back! I want to introduce you to my little friend. His name is Benjamin.”

Jinx and Jangle shook his hand as they smiled at the boy whose face just beamed with happiness.

Jinx and Jangle looked at each other and then back at him. ” Do you happen to be the little giant?”

“I sure am! So glad you all came to visit me, we are going to have so much fun together!”

Jinx and Jangle looked at Dinosauris smiling and they didn’t doubt for a second that the next 3 days surely would be a a fun adventure!

They all gathered in a circle to eat the wonderful picnic supper that Chef Salvo had packed.  He made plenty, and Benjamin had  juice boxes that he shared with them all  plus very tasty donuts for all of them. He was so sweet.

As they ate Benjamin continued to regale them with stories of his adventures with his best buddies Jellybean, the rabbit and Jaxon, the one and only Jackalope. The louder Dinosauris would laugh the louder Benjamin would laugh. Jinx and Jangle couldn’t help but join in, it made them so happy to see their friend happy once again!

Benjamin kept giving Dinosauris tight neck buster hugs around the neck and Dinosauris just loved it. Hugs always felt good!

There was no doubt, sharing happiness and laughter with a new friend was a wonderful cure !




12 thoughts on “The Dragon Cure

  1. Jinx should have asked Aretha Franklin what word starts with R, has a P in the middle, and ends with T. Nice to know that Dinosaurus was cheered up. But if that improved his appetite, the Little Giant had better watch out.


  2. I am in tears…of pure JOY! I had encountered a problem with my computer yesterday and, being the computer challenged being that I am, should have left it alone. But did I do that, of course not, and only compounded the problem to the point that I could not even enter my password to open it. Long story short…my daughter solved it within seconds upon her return home very late last night. My wireless keyboard’s batteries had died! This afternoon I began working my way through the multitude of emails beginning at the top, hence I did not come upon this post hidden amidst my inbox until mere minutes ago. When I read the title and saw the name Jinx, my first thought was to save this for our Gem Sleepover this Saturday. Jinx and Jangle Tales, along with The Odessa Chronicles, are the property of Benjamin and therefore are to remain unopened until he is present. For some unknown reason I decided to open and read this post now. I am ever so grateful that I did, as I do not cry daintily or beautifully (think Demi Moore in “Ghost”) it would have been a horrifying sight for Benjamin to behold. My “Little Giant” will be ecstatic when I read this to him, hopefully without any tears on my part. The words ‘Thank-you’ seem inadequate to convey my gratitude and therefore I’ll ask Shakespeare to do it for me. “I have a kind soul that would give you thanks. And knows not how to do it but with tears…I can no other answer make, but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks.” Thank-YOU!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Ellen now you made me speechless! I am so touched that you are so happy about it and can’t wait til Benjamin sees it. 🙂 I enjoyed doing it, just trying to pay back some of the joy that you both bring me
      You are sooo very welcome! ❤❤❤


  3. Namaste, Miss JoyRoses! It’s me Benjamin! I am the Little Giant for real, right? I am having a Gem Sleepover tonight and guess what? Gem read this story to Jellybean and Jaxon and me, cause they always come with me everywhere. I was sad that Dinosauris was sad and then he was happy to see me. We love this story cause we love our friends Jinx, Jangle and ‘specially Dinosauris, cause they are so awesome! Did you know that Gem got me a Dinosauris? She got me a Jinx, a Jangle and a Snowball a lot of yesterdays before that. I have something to tell you. You could write a book for them like you did for Jaxon. Then I could read this story every night, cause it is the bestest story ever! It has things like sharing and how to be good friends. Guess what else? You get Two Thumbs up and all the Gold Stars in the World! A zillion neckbuster hugs and kisses too! I love you! Bye and Thank You!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Benjamin!! My favorite little giant, yes you are the real one! So great to hear from you. I am very glad you love the story and yay on letting Jaxon and Jellybean hear the story too. 🙂
      Oh your Gem is sooo sweet to have bought you a Dinosauris! How great that he can join the gang of your bestest friends!
      Thanks so much for the gold stars and blockbuster hugs! Love them!!
      Thanks for your wonderful suggestion about a book, one never knows what could happen! 🙂
      Love and hugs to both you and your Gem ❤❤


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