Daydreaming in the Field


The buzzing awakened her. A bumble bee was resting on one of the royal blue cornflowers that were blowing in the wind. Emmy Lou opened her eyes, wondering how long she had slept for. She hadn’t planned on going to sleep, she had been daydreaming, lying on her back watching the clouds. She must have drifted off to sleep as the clouds drifted by.

Looking at her watch she realized that she better hurry. Her Mama wasn’t going to be happy if she was late again. They had washing to do. Her Mama had let her go fishing if she promised to be back in time. The fish weren’t biting so she started for home, but got distracted as she imagined herself looking for a special treasure. Emmy Lou walked through the fields keeping her eyes down looking for a special treasure. Perhaps she would find some bags of gold, or maybe a special jewel. Maybe the special jewel wold belong to someone famous and she would get a huge reward. Oh the dreams she could dream. Her Mom always told her that she had her head in the clouds. Emmy Lou preferred it that way, it was fun to use her imagination.

Mr.Monofish would often get on her case as well for daydreaming, but it wasn’t Emmy’s fault that she didn’t find English exciting. Don’t even get her started on arithmetic! Her poor Math teacher smacked his head on his desk so many times due to her. Numbers just did not fascinate her like they did him. Their only purpose was to confuse her as they would get jumbled around in her brain. Imagining a seahorse rising from the water and letting her hop on him, was so much more exciting!

Perhaps the seahorse would take her to a castle under the sea. In the deep coral blue sea she would meet all kinds of sea creatures and they would talk to her.  They would ask her to sit with them and have some tea. They wouldn’t expect any math problems out of her. She wondered what all the colors there would be under the sea. Oh, she was doing it again, she had to go! Mama was sure to be mad!

She flew down the dirt road, wishing she could run at the speed of the bee and the butterfly that flew by.

Emmy Lou watched the butterfly, she wondered where it was going. Was it on a secret mission, perhaps it really wasn’t a butterfly, but a prince in disguise, captured in a spell. That was it, she needed to rescue it. Perhaps if she captured it, the spell would magically be broken. Yes, Emmy Lou, to the rescue, wait up butterfly. she thought, as she ran.





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