Coming Together!

I was up at the crack of dawn yesterday to watch the sun rise at the ocean. As the beauty once again filled me with awe, I thought of the date. It was 18 years yesterday since “9/11”, a day that so many will never forget. I thought of how many people woke up that morning 18 years ago, perhaps witnessing a brilliant sunrise, and feeling all was right with the world, only to have their world torn apart before the next sunrise!

I thought about how America came together on that horrible day. How differences that had once seemed so big, were now insignificant!

I saw the following quote last night and it struck a chord in me.


Yes, I want this America back again! Not only did we come together in America, but the World came together. Other countries embraced us in our dark time, with no thought to what polices we agreed or disagreed on! They were there for us and our hearts were touched.

The following 2 video clips just give a glimpse of how the world reacted. May they touch your heart like they did mine and be a reminder that we are capable of showing love and not discriminating against our differences. Let us make it “9/12” again, before we have another “9/11!”

The following clip doesn’t have to do with “9/11”, but it came up as I was browsing and it made me smile!  Though it may not have happened around “9/11” it shows what this post is about. About coming together and helping out when needed!

9 thoughts on “Coming Together!

  1. It would be healing to go back to the days immediately following 9/11. My fear is far too much water has flowed under the bridge to see another 9/12 anytime soon. Everyone seems so deeply and irretrievably entrenched in their individual trenches, being unwilling or incapable of reaching out to others who may disagree. So very sad.

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  2. Some of 9/12 would be alright. But I wouldn’t mind going back to pre 9/11, when it was much easier to enter an airport and board a plane. The root cause of 9/11 still hasn’t been addressed very well, in my view. When we prop up regimes in the Middle East, to the detriment of people such as the Palestinians, we get terrorism. And yet we keep propping up those regimes.

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