A Nation in the Dark

My heart goes out to the family and friends of the 7 victims in the mass shooting this past Saturday. Once again 7 lives cut short, ranging in ages from 15 years to 57 years. My thoughts are with the 22 others as well, who were injured in the shooting rampage. I no longer have words, but I have pictures.

How many more caskets will be filled?


How many more tombstones will be wept over?



Until the government realizes that action needs taken, before all the lights go out!





22 thoughts on “A Nation in the Dark

  1. From the news that we are getting, it would appear that Texas has already taken action …. by making firearms more available! Trump is apparently looking into improving background checks before selling guns.
    What with the influence of gun manufacturers over your politicians; the influence of the NRA over your politicians; the belief that a personal protection act passed in 1797 (or close) is still valid in 2019; the significant proportion of your population that has bought into the self-serving rhetoric (how many politicians are struggling to feed their kids?); the fact that so many highly educated individuals have abandoned Trump … I guess all we can do is pray that a light goes on at some point in the very near future

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  2. At the risk of sounding very political…there will be many more caskets filled, many more tombstones wept over, many more hearts broken and many more lives torn apart…until the present occupant of the White House and the majority of the Republican Senators in Congress residing in the NRA’s pockets are voted out of office in November 2020. Any gun control legislation prior to that, indeed if any, will be of minimal value in addressing the demands of our gun violence crisis! If I have offended you or any of your readers, I cannot apologize for stating what should be obvious to all! Consider these words : “When a country with less than five percent of the world’s population has nearly half of the world’s privately owned guns and makes up nearly a third of the world’s mass shootings, it’s time to stop saying guns make us safer.” – DaShanne Stokes. Thank-you!!

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  3. The people of this nation have spoken loud and clear until our voices are hoarse. 80+% of this nation favour “sensible” gun control and many, many of us have launched petitions and letter-writing campaigns … all to no avail. Why? Because the people we have elected to both Congress and the Oval Office have forgotten to whom they owe their allegiance … they are, instead, attracted by the bright, shiny objects offered by the NRA.

    The Odessa shooter had failed to pass a background check to buy a gun, and yet … he was armed with an assault rifle, an AR-15, of the type that were banned for ten years until 2004 when it was allowed to expire. Expanded background checks? Common sense requirements like proficiency training and certification? Not likely to happen until we elect people to office who care about We the People instead of lining their own pockets.

    Sadly, my opinion is that the legislators, short of being replaced, will only wake up and smell the coffee when one of their own family members become the victim. Then, perhaps, they will realize how little comfort all that money is. Meanwhile … 😥 😥 😥

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  4. As I recall, you just did a post like this. I worry that this will have to become a regular kind of post. Sort of like Tuesday’s Thoughts. Perhaps you can call it Wednesday’s Body Count.

    It’s pretty sad where the idiots in power have led us.

    And of course, I feel for that letter carrier who was killed. Having been one myself, I understand the risks from dealing with the general public. The poor lady happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, while just doing her job.

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  5. I weep every time there is a mass shooting. As a Texan, it doubly breaks my heart when they happen here. As long as the NRA pours money into the coffers of politicians I seriously doubt any significant gun control measures. Many Texans have a “come and take it” attitude about guns so I’ve been having debates frequently (not just with other Texans) about “red flag” laws, banning assault rifles and extended magazines, more extensive background checks, and not allowing sales at gun shows – even used guns – until there is a way to do instant background checks. One argument that is frequently presented is that even if certain guns were banned, they could be purchased on the black market. To that I say “but there would be fewer of them.”

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  6. It’s become so routine nowadays, I’m not sure it registers in the heart. It’s as though people say, “another day, another mass shooting.” And to think relaxation of gun control laws went into effect in Texas over the weekend. Such as, you can pack heat in church now. Seriously. What in the bloody blue blazes are they thinking??

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