Ssh! It’s a Secret


What do you think of this quote? Are you one that bares your heart and tells all, or do you keep silent about some more private things? Do you have someone that you can unload the secrets of your heart with, that you feel you can trust?

I have been reading a book that deals with a family and a secret they are keeping. It got my mind going and I thought I would see what all of you thought.

Are there times that its okay to have secrets? Obviously we aren’t going to tell the cashier at the grocery store our whole life story but should there be someone that knows your whole life story? I am not talking about every tiny detail, but the major things that have happened in your life.

Life’s moments as you grow are what help shape you into the person you are. So sharing your moments with others can help them know you at a deeper level and understand you more. It can strengthen your bond.

There can be people who may be helped by hearing your story. In that aspect I believe sharing secrets is a good thing and perhaps secrets isn’t the right word. I am talking about sharing from the heart, sharing things that you may not tell every Tom, Dick and Harry, but that you will share with someone who has your trust.

In the case in the book, the family wasn’t sure who they could trust, and so were afraid to tell. They decided they would just wait and see, but then they got so used to keeping the secret that it made it harder to tell. Instead of them keeping the secret, now the secret was in a way controlling them.

Are there times when you felt keeping a secret hurt you?

These are just thoughts swirling around in my head, feel free to add yours.

30 thoughts on “Ssh! It’s a Secret

  1. I like to think I am a good confidante, as if anything is told to me in confidence, I don’t break it. I know a few ‘secrets’ but haven’t blabbed. I also have a couple of my own, and haven’t told anyone (nothing sinister!).

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  2. My superpower name is “Tell Me Your Secrets”. For some reason, even complete strangers are compelled to share amazing stories, deep dark secrets, things that are eating at their souls. With friends and family, the stories can be even more shocking. They go on and on, I can’t manage to stop the flow once they start, let along get a word in edgewise. My mother says I have a face you can trust.

    Great question my friend.

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  3. I have little trouble sharing MY secrets, for I believe as long as people know what they want to know, they will stop trying to invent what they think is true about me. My reality is startling enough. Telling other person’s secrets is just a betrayal of trust, though.

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    • You bring up a good point! People can’t let their minds wander and make up things if they know the truth!
      And yes, sadly, it is a betrayal if someone divulges your secret to others. Unless the secret you have is harming you or putting you in danger. Some “secrets” do need told.

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  4. I don’t “keep secrets” but I don’t feel the need to “tell all” either. If a topic comes up that touches on a past experience, I’m inclined to share . . . but I don’t feel compelled to be an “open book” either.

    I like Agatha’s quote. Even if we try to share EVERYTHING, no one else will ever be able to fully understand our experiences. So a little MYSTERY is nice.

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  5. I think I know what book you are reading! It is so thought provoking isn’t it? In fact, I get to choose and lead our next book club discussion, and I have chosen this book. Really looking forward to it and the discussion.

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  6. I grew up hearing that “what happens in the family, stays in the family”…almost sounds “Godfatherish” doesn’t it? That said, there was never anything of any great consequence that required secrecy as the family was pretty much an open book known to and by all. It seems that secrets once shared will soon see the light of day either by design or mischance. Therefore if one wants a secret kept secret, one should not share it with anyone. The wisdom of this was stated by Benjamin Franklin’s writing from 1735 in his “Poor Richard’s Almanack” : “Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.” Thank-you!

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  7. It’s rather strange for a blogger to say they are very private, but yeah, I would say I am.

    I may tell stories from my past, but there are things I choose not to talk about. Even my husband of 36 years doesn’t know all the layers.

    I don’t mean that to sound mysterious in any way. It’s not. It’s just private people don’t like to display their heart – or their wounds.

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