Friday’s Super Short Stories!

When there is a dangerous wolf prowling around the sheep, do the sheep stay quiet or can you hear their loud cries? 

Sometimes the hardest exercise to do is stepping out of the boat! 

When you have time to watch… words aren’t always needed to touch your heart with emotion!




16 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. I’m limiting my comment to the last Super Short Story for reasons soon to be disclosed. First, let me tell you that Benjamin is having another Gem Sleepover tonight because Mommy was diagnosed with the second Strep Throat infection in the last four weeks. Fortunately, he had been here last night at our request when she first became ill. But, as usual, I digress. We have had a busy day, spent mostly indoors due to frequent rain showers. I “share” my computer with Benjamin since it resides in what has come to be known as “HIS” room! We have spent some time perusing emails that he considers his “letters”, such as ones from “My Jodi” amongst others. We had several delightful newsletters containing music, one from “Playing For Change” that he loved, different than the one on Miss Jill’s music post. Total aside, did you sign up for their newsletter? If so, you have received it too! If not, sign up! Yet again, I digress! When I followed the link on the third story, I had to call Benjamin from his Lego building to watch “The Red Balloon”…again. If you recall, last year on December 25th Colin posted “Walking in the Air” by Celtic Woman…a favorite song and group of mine. My comment led Colin to telling me about the movie “The Snowman” based on the beloved book by the same name. After many comments betwixt Colin, you and myself…this enchanting little movie was mentioned. I watched it and soon after shared both movies with Benjamin and he loved them! We just watched this one again (two times) and being as Benjamin is a bit older now, his response is more insightful. Per Benjamin : “The balloon follows the little boy cause it knows he loves it. When the balloon gets broken by those mean boys, it calls all the other balloons to rescue the little boy and make him happy again.” It is enlightening to see the movie as seen through the eyes of a child! Thank-you x 2!! P.S. Benjamin says : “Namaste, Miss JoyRoses! You get two thumbs up and 10 Gold Stars, just like My Jodi did! I love this video so much!”

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    • How nice to have a sleepover again, but I am sorry that Benjamin’s Mommy is sick again. Hope she gets well fast!
      Thank you Benjamin for the wonderful gold stars and thumbs up!! I am so glad you and Gem love “The Red Balloon” as much as Colin and I do! I was so glad he introduced me to the movie. You described it perfectly! Gold stars for you too! Hugs to you and your Gem! Thanks for saying Hi! 😊

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      • Benjamin is off to bed, much later than planned…but as John Lennon wrote in one of his songs : “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” Benjamin is “happy that Miss JoyRoses is happy, now everybody is happy!” We just finished reading the last book before bedtime, “God Bless You & Good Night” and Benjamin sends that thought to you along with kisses and neckbuster hugs!! Thank-you! P.S. I did not see an answer to the question about the newsletter that I posed…if not, why not?!

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        • Good quote!
          Awh on what Benjamin said! Sending a tight hug right back to him and blowing a kiss across the miles!
          Oops about your question. Thanks for the reminder about signing up for the newsletter, will do!
          Oh did you see my reply back to you and Jill on her post about the holes? 🙂


      • Glad that you mentioned this…I tried to find Colin’s post, but completely struck out! It sounds familiar, but could you give me a specific date or a link? I notice that you have Jill’s song of the day listed under your ‘posts I like’. Pentatonix is definitely high on my list of favorites. I let my Propensity for Loquacity take over on a commenter’s comment over there, at times it takes on a life of its own! Did you also read her Saturday Something post? Too cute and Benjamin loved it!! Hope you had a waffle today, it is National Waffle Day…a celebration not to be missed and I didn’t!! Thank-you!

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