Exploding Toilets!

My daughter, who works at Arby’s Fast food restaurant, called me shortly after arriving at work. She told me how she will be home earlier tonight for Arby’s was closed. She said that the toilets exploded! She was helping them clean up and then she would be home. Anxious to know what exactly she meant by “exploded” but in the meantime it got me thinking.

If you have been a manager at a job what is the craziest excuse you have ever heard as to why someone couldn’t come to work? Or a crazy thing that happened at work?

What is something that sounded like a crazy excuse, but was true as to why you couldn’t come to work?

My husband had a very legitimate excuse one time. It was due to very bad weather. A snow storm in fact. We had been out of state and were traveling home and a freak snowstorm came causing a complete whiteout!

One of those times that I really didn’t know if we would make it off the interstate alive. You could not see the lines on the road. It was awful! We got off the exit and took the last hotel room!

The problem….we were on our way back from our Honeymoon! Sooo…claiming there was a snowstorm that just made us have to get a hotel room may have sounded a little fishy. But it really was true. πŸ™‚

What’s your story, or perhaps you heard a crazy story, Feel free to share below!

36 thoughts on “Exploding Toilets!

  1. A friend of mine was pulled over by the police for speeding. Her initial explanation was that she was simply keeping up with the traffic. She was asked to step out of her car and look both up and down the road. Both directions were void of traffic! πŸ™‚

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  2. When I was still practicing law, handling tobacco litigation, I got a call from California. I was supposed to be on the West Coast for a meeting. I explained that I was still on the East Coast. Why the mix up? I had just quit smoking and wasn’t thinking with complete clarity . . . so I got my dates mixed up.

    Since the meeting had to do with tobacco litigation, my explanation caused a great deal of hilarity. πŸ˜†

    We were in a blizzard like that once. Scary stuff.
    So funny that it was on the tail end of your honeymoon.

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    • LOL!! You needed a super powered jet! That is quite funny that the case just happened to be a tobacco one! Cheers to you though for giving up smoking!

      Yes it was scary for it came up so suddenly!
      He did get given a hard time when he went back to work. LOL!
      We actually were in Florida for our honeymoon. Went to Amelia Island. Have you ever been there? Was lovely!


  3. I will always remember the employee who called in one Monday morning, saying she would be out for three days due to the death of her sister. And it was only a month of so later that she was giving me a sob story about how difficult her life had been as an only child! Go figure!

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      • Yes, as a matter of fact I did so immediately when I found out about her deception. She, in turn, went to Human Resources and told them I was being mean to her because she was an only child. HR backed me and told her, basically, to sit down and shut up! πŸ˜‰

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          • I’ve got an even better one for you! My daughter is a nurse-supervisor for a large urology group here, and supervises a staff of about 25. A couple of weeks ago, a new employee started, and on her very first day, she fell asleep multiple times, and when she was awake and being trained by another staff member, she kept texting her boyfriend on her phone. At the end of the day, my daughter fired her, politely told her that this wouldn’t work. That night, the woman’s mother called my daughter and demanded to know why she had fired her daughter and threatened to sue!

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            • Oh my gosh!! Seriously! This poor girl will never learn to be responsible for her actions if her Mom keeps defending her! What did the Mom say after your daughter explained to her the reasons??
              I mean really, who falls asleep and texts while being trained and thinks it is OK??? Apparently she just thought she had to physically be there to earn her check, not mentally!

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              • I hear similar stories from friends and former co-workers. There isn’t the sense of responsibility, the sense of taking pride in a job well done, as there was back in the day. At least, not in this country. I don’t think the same is true in many of the European countries, but we have spoiled our youth, not instilled the same values our parents instilled in us. Not you and I, but society in general. So much for “American Exceptionalism”, eh?


  4. Here’s a toilet that literally did explode:

    That snowstorm whiteout was quite freaky. I couldn’t see more than about a foot in front of the truck and once we almost went off the left side of the road. The weather had been nice when we set out on the trip and had gone fine over half of the way, but then all of a sudden we hit that wall of blinding snow and I was afraid we were going to get stuck somewhere and have to spend the night freezing in the truck.

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    • Not really sure what caused the problem. All I know is that stuff from the toilet was coming up from the drain in the kitchen and dining room floor, so yes, it was messy! But most of it was cleaned up before my daughter got there. She and a manager had to be there and wait for the plumber to fix it and then they cleaned up some more after the plumber left.


  5. Hope the Arby’s is all settled and back in running order. Living in the Rocky Mountain region whiteout blizzards are nothing new but still dangerous nonetheless. A number of severe snow storms have shut down the entire city of Denver over the years. Great time to snuggle under a heavy quilt with some hot chocolate and DVD full of films to pass the time (in between watching with childlike wonder at the snow accumulating to get depths).

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  6. The “missing” husband used to use the same excuse over and over, “My Mother is dying” and I was appalled every single time that it was repeated. His reasoning was that we all are dying and he needed to use someone close enough to him to sound plausible but unprovable. It worked for many years until one time a boss that had heard this several times asked ‘hasn’t she died yet?’ Over the years I seldom took days off that resulted in no monetary compensation, but on one occasion I really wanted to be at a special event and told my employer that ‘I have something else to do’. She laughed and said that while she appreciated my honesty, she’d only pay me if I called out sick…I didn’t! Thank-you!

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    • Oh Ellen, I can believe you were appalled each time by the excuse your “missing” husband gave! I am glad his boss finally caught on!
      Not surprised at all that you didn’t call in sick when you had “something to do”! You are a sweet, honest soul and I can see your boss so appreciating you! She never had to question your integrity.
      Thanks for sharing!


  7. I have two for you, different people, but the same company.
    1.’ I’m sorry I’m late but i couldn’t gt off my drive die to the school run and being blocked in.’
    Q; Why couldn’t you phone?
    A. I was in my car.
    (note , on her drive, she had a mobile and could also have used her landline by going back indoors)

    2. ‘I forgot to put my clock forward.’
    Conversation later in the day about going to the pub (at the correct opening time) for lunch the day before with no problem about the hour change.
    Both had their wages stopped accordingly.

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    • Oh gosh! People will try anything won’t they. Like the dog ate my homework excuse. πŸ™‚
      How ironic that they didn’t miss being at the pub at time! Guess they had their priorities a little messed up, eh! LOL!


      • The boss didn’t stand for tardiness or being taken advantage of. The girl who got to the pub on time but not work also had her wages adjusted for taking three ten minutes cigarette breaks as well as a full lunch hour. She was warned, but continued to have her fag breaks and lunch time, so he docked her wages accordingly.


  8. Exploding toilets are a real thing, seriously. The toilets in my house are the high-pressure kind with a vacuum booster in the tank, and there was a recall last year because of reports that some had exploded. We got kits from the manufacturer to replace the defective part, and my husband went around the house fixing all the toilets so they wouldn’t explode.

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  9. I work in pet retail, and I feel like crazy lives and breathes there. We have an old plastic sink in the back room behind the fish tanks that pet care uses. There is a siphon that hooks up to the sink and creates suction when the water is running. It’s a powerful gravel vacuum that makes cleaning our tanks a lot easier! On this particular day, one of the legs on the sink decided it was tired of life, and fell off. We did not realize this. So my coworker hooked up the siphon and turned on the sink. Water began to fill the sink. After a few minutes we heard a loud crash. Without the front leg to hold it up, the sink fell forward right off of the wall! Luckily the pipe did not break, but the back room was flooded with water.

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