The Boiling Frog



When I was in school and first studied about Hitler I remember feeling sickened by what I learned. It was mind boggling to me how a Country could let someone so evil take over power and do all the horrible things that he did!

What I grew to realize was that he wasn’t outright evil all at once. It was a growing thing. He didn’t call for the extermination of the Jews right away. He started slowly taking their rights away, and then encouraging people not to buy from them and so on. He persuaded people to believe that he was doing the right thing for the Country, that he would make Germany great again. He was disgruntled about how Germany was.

There are articles that say that his stare could be mesmerizing and intimidating and he would use that when making speeches and making eye contact with others. It is also written that he used the power of fear. People were more fearful of what may happen, such as Communism taking over,Β  then they were of the things that he was doing. Due to that fear they turned a blind eyes to the things that he was doing that they didn’t like.

Hitler may have wanted to make Germany great, but instead he was behind one of the greatest tragedies of our History; the Holocaust! Hitler wasn’t just against the Jews, he was against anyone that he didn’t think lived up to his standards of the “perfect person” . He was against the disabled, the elderly, homosexuals and the list goes on.

Hitler wanted a Country of “perfect humans” , the others he wanted to send back, send away to Concentration camps, in his mind they didn’t deserve to live. I can’t help but think if Hitler’s first speech would have been, “Kill the Jews!” , that there would have been a big outcry, and people would have risen up against him. For Jews were a part of the community. They were people’s neighbors, Dr’s, grocer’s, businessmen and friends.

Its like planting a seed. It starts out as very small, but then it grows. Hitler planted seeds of hatred but it was disguised until it was too late!

Hate is what made a man drive several hundred miles from Dallas, TX to El Paso, so that he could go to a largely Hispanic community and shoot to kill. Hate is what made the young man in Dayton, Ohio shoot and kill 9 people in 32 seconds and injure many others! He had lists compiled of people he wanted to kill and ones he wanted to rape.

Hate is horrible and when someone in a place of power can fuel hatred, it becomes even more dangerous.

Back when Columbine happened, there was outrage!! People were so very shocked and declared that nothing like it would happen again, but it has happened, again and again and again.

The pot is simmering and sales are skyrocketing for bullet proof backpacks for students!

The pot is simmering as more guns are bought.

The pot is simmering as people close their eyes!

The pot is simmering and all simmering pots can boil over!

54 thoughts on “The Boiling Frog

  1. I read an optimistic blurb the other day from one of Trump’s aides ~> it said that Trump plans to withdraw from the race.

    I can’t remember if it said the Presidential Race or the Human Race. πŸ˜›

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  2. First, I must comment on the comment by “nrhatch”…Withdrawal from the presidential race would be welcome news indeed, he long ago withdrew from the human race. Moving on to your eloquent post, We would do well not to forget history, even as it appears to be repeating itself in the present. I suggest reading “Leading Civil Rights Lawyer Shows 20 Ways Trump is Copying Hitler’s Early Rhetoric and Policies” written by the columnist Steven Rosenfeld in Common Dreams on August 9, 2019. I have shared this elsewhere, but it bears repeating it here. Thank-you! On a lighter note : Pity the poor frog that finds itself in your pot!!

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    • Oh Ellen! You almost made me spit out my food in laughter at your “he long ago withdrew from the human race.” comment!
      I may have to look at that article you talked about, though it may scare me more!
      Haha about the “frog in my pot!” No worries, there will be no frog in my pot! πŸ™‚

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      • I cannot more highly recommend that you brace yourself and read that article. WE, the vast majority of us, would like to believe that the horrific events that became commonplace during Hitler’s reign could never happen in this day and age. I pray that WE are right, but I fear that WE are not. The intolerance and the hatred, that we see and hear are warning signs that should not be ignored. WE cannot allow ourselves to become hapless frogs! Thank-you!

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  3. This is an excellent post, my dear friend! You have hit the nail on the head. One morning, German citizens awakened and asked themselves how this happened, how did they not notice. We do not take much notice of things when they happen one small crumb at a time. I fear that history is repeating itself. May I have your permission to re-blog this post?

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      • Yes, I know this well, for my blog is my outlet for the angst that builds every day, and if I couldn’t write about it here, I seriously think I would just implode. Thank you for permission to re-blog … I shall do so this afternoon! We can but hope. And cross our fingers. And rant on WordPress.

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    • This little conversation says much, but it does not say enough, IMO. Joy, your post is nice. Real, but nice. Too nice. You have removed all the sharp edges that need to cut into your readers flesh and make them bleed, and make them feel. There is a time for niceness, but this is not it. In every way he can D’JidioT is making our planet worse, making the human race worse, and making America worse than ever it was. Like Germany of the 30s, being nice will not stop him. Jill rants and rages, but both of you, and hundreds of millions of Americans, are counting on using the ballot box to stop his road to dictatorship. Only time will tell if you are right, the problem is IF YOU ARE WRONG! He allows very little control of his desires, and the longer he is in power the more disastrous those powers become. Stopping him in 2020, if you can, is nice. Stopping him NOW is more important. It is VERY IMPORTANT to the whole world, not just America. As a citizen of not-America, I implore all bloggers to be not-nice. Write the PAIN this world is going through. WRITE ITS ANGUISH! Take away the sugar coating. Make it taste like the vomit that it is. Trump is a sick sick individual, who has taken more power than any one individual should ever have. STOP HIM NOW, PLEASE, FOR THE SAKE OF ALL. Only you can do it. And that is too damn bad.

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      • Thank you very much for taking the time to read and comment. Powerful words that you wrote! They made me think. I do agree with all you say, he is “sick,sick” and yes the time is NOW about him being out of the oval office. Tomorrow wouldn’t be soon enough!
        You suggested that I make my readers “bleed more” and tell about the pain and anguish that the world is going through. That is a challenge, for as Jill had said, writing political posts isn’t something I am used too. I have written some but its not my norm. BUT there are times that one needs to step out of their comfort zone, so I will think about what you said.
        Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!

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      • Ahhhh … see, rg, we all have our own … what’s the word I’m looking for? Forte? Persona? Mine is snarky, ranting, sometimes offending. But that is not who Joy is. She somewhat balances out my intensity with kindness, with humour. We all do what we can. Sometimes I wish I didn’t feel like ranting all the time. Sigh.

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        • You rant just fine Jill, but I can feel something in Joy’s approach that can give her words more effectiveness. If this were 2016 or early 2017 I might not ask her to change yet, but this is 2019, closing in on 2020. More needs to be done. Remember, I am not doing this just for America, though that is where the voting power lies. I am doing this for the world, which is much more important than America. America collapsing would be a tragedy. The world collapsing will be a disaster of epic proportion. Trump must be stopped at all cost. That is the only view of the world I can conform to.

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        • Thanks Jill and like rg said, your rants are fine! But glad that I can help balance you out. We all have to write from our heart and for each of us that is going to be different in how it comes out. But with all of us joining together I hope we can make a difference, start ripples that turn into waves!

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  4. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Most of the blogs I read on a semi-regular basis are political or historical in nature, but there are a handful that I try to catch once a week or so for their humour or feel-good value. Recently, our friends Ellen and Benjamin introduced me to a new one, Nuggets of Gold. Nuggets is usually humorous and/or uplifting. The blogger, Joy of Roses, is a very lovable lady, and about once a week I pop in there for a smile or two and a hug. Yesterday, however, she took on a more serious tone, just for the day, and wrote this post which I think puts into words something that most of us feel at a gut level but have tried to avoid voicing, rather like the elephant in the room. So, allow me to introduce you to Joy of Roses, and please think about her words … I hope they are not prophetic, but they are certainly reflective of our situation today. Thank you, Joy of Roses, for this well-written and thoughtful post and for your permission to share it.

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  5. The world is certainly becoming a scary place. I am hoping things start to get significantly better next November. By the way, discovered your blog through Jill Dennison. look forward to reading more of your posts.

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    • Yes, I am really hoping that next November will make us all able to breathe once again and not be as scared!
      Thank you for the follow, appreciate it! I will say that political posts are something I don’t write often but when my heart gets deeply troubled then I just have to.
      “Dust in the Wind” is one that I wrote after the horrible weekend of mass shootings we had the other week if you want to check it out.

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  6. A very well argued and lyrically illustrated post.
    Being from outside the USA and reading its history since I was in my teens (mid 1960s) I cannot help but compare the current situation with the febrile atmosphere in the 1850s and early 1860s which of course led to The Civil War.
    This time it may not lead to marching armies as such, but low-level civil conflict as we witnessed and suffered in the UK from the 1970s onwards through events in Ulster is something you need to be wary of.
    Particularly under a minority voted-in creature like Trump, who will be bound to raise James Buchanan’s standing from worse-rated.

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