26 thoughts on “Lift Someone Up!

  1. THAT is awesome!!! I am so glad I dropped in tonight and saw this! I am going to share it on my Wednesday ‘good people’ post, if you don’t mind! Thank YOU!!!

    By the way … how did your cataract surgery go? I have been so far behind that I haven’t had a chance to drop in lately.

    Hugs!!! You are amazing! 😊

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    • You are very welcome to use it on your blog! Spread the smiles!

      My surgery was a success! The healing process was longer this time but all is well now and I love the blue of the sky! 🙂

      Hugs back and thanks, you are amazing too! ❤

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      • I’m so happy to hear that!!! I remember after my eye surgeries in early 2018, suddenly I could see colours that I had never seen! It was the most amazing thing. I remember one day looking at the wall clock in the bathroom and saying “What the heck was I thinking to buy such an ugly lime green clock???” I never knew it was that colour!

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        • Thanks!!
          My left eye is 20/25 now, was 20/40 before. LOL at the clock!! From what I remember I think your sight was pretty bad before so my change hasn’t been as dramatic but I have really enjoyed seeing better at night now when driving!

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  2. Excellent. The difference one simple note can make … and for minimal effort. A smile, and/or a “thank you” can have similar effects. All those things are within our capabilities, and only need a little more time thinking about others, and a little less time thinking about ourselves.
    It has been my experience that, with a few exceptions, people will treat me the way that I treat them. It never ceases to amaze me how one little positive gesture on my part, can produce such rewards.
    Great video … spread the word that being nice to others is not only a tenet of all the major religions, but it also provides wonderful results for the “giver”. 🙂

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  3. Benjamin and I Love It!! After I read the note to him and we watched the video, Benjamin said : “That is so kind, now everyone knows they are amazin’! Miss JoyRoses is amazin’ too! You too Gem!” This reminds me of the wee notes that I used to place in my children’s lunchboxes everyday saying “I LOVE U”! Thank-you for making our day even more amazin’!!

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    • Awh!! There have been so many times that I want to give Benjamin a big hug and this would be one of those times! Let him know that he is amazing too! You too, dear Ellen!
      My pleasure to help make today “more amazin” for both of you! ❤❤


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