Latisha had a dreamy look in her eyes as she parked in her driveway and walked towards her front door. She felt like her feet weren’t hitting the ground, she was literally walking on air. How could she not be. She was getting married this weekend!

She opened the door whistlingย  a happy tune and Lucy chimed in with her high pitched whine. The golden retriever was always so happy when Latisha came home.

Lucy knew the routine. Latisha would change out of her work clothes and then grab Lucy’s leash and out the door they would go on their walk.

It was a beautiful summer day,ย  This week there had been a break in the high humidity which made their evening walks more enjoyable.

Latisha was thinking back to when she first met Logan. She remembered the very first gift he had given her. It was a lovely small lavender mirror. What made it special were the words on the back. “To the girl who is the fairest of them all, will you be mine?”

He had given it to her on Valentine’s Day, when they had first begun to date. Her heart soared that night and had been soaring ever since.

There had been days when she had wondered if love would ever find her, and then Logan stepped into her life and her fairy tale of love had begun.

Later that night, Lucy was lying on the plush carpet right by Latisha’s feet as Latisha was going through the box of cards and other mementos that she had from Logan. Ahh, there it was. There was the lavender mirror. She smiled as she held it in her hand and looked into the glass, saying , “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, whose the …”


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