Feeling like Dewey

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. The cataract surgery went well. I saw my kaleidoscope of colors during the surgery.  I think I even saw “emerald blue”.  If you don’t understand the “emerald blue” remark … well just keep reading my blog, I am sure that sometime I will probably make another “emerald blue” blooper. One just never knows what “blooper”may show up in my posts.

I been spending time doing Dewey’s favorite activity today. “Napping!’  That “relaxing juice” that they give you goes a long way with me!

Hope all of you have had a good day and I’ll be back tomorrow feeling more normal … 🙂 fbc94ebe69796dbbaf5fcf0636085d79

28 thoughts on “Feeling like Dewey

  1. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I am not sure if you had the same type of cataract surgery that I had a couple of years ago, but the results of my surgery were and continue to be amazing. After wearing glasses for almost 50 years, I am mostly free of them, except for some reading and computer work.

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    • Hi Mike! Thanks! This is the 2nd cataract surgery that I had. My first one was my right eye back in 2012. I had great results with that one as I was able to give up needing glasses for reading and close up work. Then my night vision was getting worse and I started having trouble reading again due to this cataract. So I am hoping for great results once this eye is fully healed. 🙂


        • My one in 2012 was a very fast growing one. I had one in my left eye at the same time but it was too small at the time to worry about. Thanks again! I don’t remember having any pain or irritation in the eye when my first one was removed but this one is bothering me some. The Dr says it’s a normal thing to have. Guess this eye was more sensitive perhaps or maybe they had to make more cuts.

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