Tuesday’s Thoughts!

The temps have cooled down, we are no longer feeling like we are walking outside into an oven! For those of you who still do, I am wishing you relief soon!

So last Tuesday I was supposed to have cataract surgery, and then it got cancelled. Now it has been scheduled for Thursday, the 25th. Just 2 more days. Hopefully it will happen this time!

Last evening I had a nice conversation with my youngest, who is now 17. I treasure those times. Its a bonus of having your children grow older and being able to have good conversations. Though sometimes it can quickly go back to just one word answers to your questions. You just never know!Β  We go through so many stages with our children.

Talking to them when they can’t understand a word we are saying, and they just respond with smiles. Then when they do begin talking we think they will never stop. I still remember how my one child always wanted to tell you every single detail to the story they were reading. Plus when they wrote stories for school they wanted to put every detail in their writing. In 2nd grade the teacher would assign them to write a short story about something, meaningΒ  like a couple paragraphs. My child’s was a couple pages long every time.:)

Have a great day and remember to keep “King Ray” and his royal servants, Colin and Carol in your thoughts today!




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30 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. I must go with #1 today. I have a beautifully framed print that I received for raising contributions in support of the Standing Rock Sioux’s protest against the Dakota Pipeline. The words on mine are slightly different than yours : “We will be known forever by the tracks we leave. – Dakota Tribe”. In truth, I believe that history will judge us harshly for the tracks that we are leaving. Thank-you!

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