Cooling off with Pictures

It’s HOT! 100 degrees! I think my brain is succumbing to the heat, its not wanting to think. Can anyone relate?

So give your mind a rest and enjoy some pictures of animals having fun in the water! Looks cool and refreshing doesn’t it. If a caption comes to your mind, and your brain cells haven’t melted from the heat, then feel free to share! 🙂

All these pictures are from Pinterest.

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24 thoughts on “Cooling off with Pictures

  1. 1. Oh noooooooo… No picture, please! My fur’s all messy!
    2. I told you to slack on the chlorine!!!
    3.I’m a poor, lonesome dolfin….
    4…. 13, 14, 15! I told you, it’s my third count… I do have 15 fingers!

    That’s the best I can do, in this heat! LOL

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  2. Since 1984’s designation by President Ronald Reagan of July as National Ice Cream Month and the 3rd Sunday of the month as National Ice Cream Day, it has always seemed to me to be unpatriotic not to celebrate and so must indulge in one of my favorite foods all month long. This being the 3rd Sunday, Benjamin along with his Auntie and I braved the heat to go down the street to the local ice cream shop for a frozen treat. We were elated to each receive a free small cone of the flavor or our choice in honor of the occasion. The trick was consuming it before it melted, but we persevered and triumphed with speedy licking! That leaves just 10 more days of daily doses of ice cream…it’s a tough job, but I am nothing if not patriotic and will rise to the occasion. As Benjamin would say : “It’s our civil duty!” Adorable pictures of some adorable animals, I think each is wishing for some ice cream! Thank-you!

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    • LOL!! Yes, you and Benjamin keep showing your patriotism! What fine citizens you are. 🙂
      Thanks for the info on how it started. I had told my husband that I wondered how it started, when we were doing our civil duty by going to Dairy Queen! 🙂
      Now thanks to you I know the answer!


  3. 1. “I’m m-e-l-t-i-n-g . . . . oh, what a world. What a world.” (channeling the Wicked Witch, Wizard of Oz)
    2. “NO. I did not get my fur bleached. It’s a disease.” (channeling Michael Jackson)
    3. “If you’re going to jump, then leap high. Fly like a sky diver.” (channeling Natasha Beddingfield)
    4. “So I was grooming Uncle Ralph and he had a grubby thing on his back about this big.”

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