Smiles from Vancouver

In yesterday’s post I shared about the “special gold nuggets” from our trip to Vancouver. They happened to be Colin, my co-author/friend, and blogger from  and his wonderful daughter, Melanie.

Melanie has an indomitable spirit that is amazing! She has been through a lot, but she stays positive and has been an inspiration to me in the past couple years that I have known her. I cherish her friendship!



I of course value Colin’s friendship too. As I said in my other post, they are quite the duo! You never know quite what to expect from them. They can send your mind spinning! I may have experienced that a time or two or more!  Remember yesterday’s picture that I titled “A rose between 2…?”


Well the next 2 pictures show what happens, when one Chappell gets a bright idea and the other one is on the same page!

Being that Colin and I co-authored “The Odessa Chronicles”, Colin decided that we need to pose for a picture with the book. Good practice for when the book becomes famous and we need to do photo shoots. I do believe we may need more practice!




I was so close to just collapsing on the floor!

Yes, this trip is one that will be remembered always. There was tea, gelato, hugs and laughter shared! Could it be any better? Perhaps if there wouldn’t have had to be goodbyes! But as my favorite Bear says!


36 thoughts on “Smiles from Vancouver

  1. I am so glad for you all… what a joyful encounter! It reminds me of a precious get together I experienced with a blogger I admired and was really close to. I hope your friendship lasts forever 🙂 xx

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  2. What a wonderful time, wonderful memory! Thank you for sharing these pics with us all! I hope this won’t be the last time you all get together! Yes, definitely work a bit on those promo photos! I’m sure the book will be on the ‘best selling books’ rack at Barnes & Noble by this time next year!

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  3. Benjamin and I are having what he calls a “Gem Sleepover” tonight. We have been quite busy visiting the many blogs that we love and share, leaving a few comments around blogdom’s finest. Now, we find ourselves with a two for one hit…Miss JoyRoses and Mr. Colin together and visible!! Total aside, I had already visited yesterday’s post and was aware of the dynamic duo photos, but Benjamin was not. When I just showed him this post and photos, he ran from the room and breathlessly returned with Jaxon : “Look Jaxon, it’s your Daddy and your book and Miss JoyRoses too!” I hesitate to add that he also stated : “Wow, Miss JoyRoses is really little like me, but she sure can write good stories!” One must be impressed that one so smallish as yourself can write so big! Thank-you x 2!!

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    • Oooh Ellen I literally laughed out loud!! Give Benjamin a big hug from me please. I just love how he says what he is thinking and is just so darn sweet!! He melts my heart! ❣
      Give yourself a hug from me as well. 🙂
      And Jaxon got to see his “Daddy!” Oh thanks for the smiles tonight dear friend!


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