Tuesday’s Thoughts!

I am doing it, something I don’t do! Just recently a friend had asked me if I had drafts drawn up for some of my posts. I laughed, as I said, “you know me…”, do I ever know what I am going to write in advance?  Yes, this has caused trouble sometimes, especially in the stories which have more than one part, but that’s another story.  I thought that for today I would *gasp* write a draft. I am doing it for you , my dear readers, so that you can have some quotes for tomorrow when I have my cataract surgery.

Cut! Take 2! Soooo it is an hour and a half before I was supposed to have surgery. Did you notice the “WAS”, those little words can be so important sometimes. Right before our alarm went off the phone rang. My Dr. had a family emergency in the middle of the night so no surgery today. I will get called later in the day with the date that it is supposed to be now. I was actually supposed to have the surgery 2 weeks ago, but the date had to be changed then because of him having to go away. What can I say, things come up, and we have no control. I do feel bad for him, being that “family emergencies” are usually not something good!

So now, thanks to my draft,  you are able to have the quotes earlier than they have ever been posted before, enjoy! And thanks for the well wishes  yesterday. I will tuck them in my heart to pull out for when I find out the new date! 🙂


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21 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. I like the reply to “Life is hard.” I’ll have to remember that.

    And it seems that getting surgery is hard, for you. What a bummer that it’s been postponed twice now. I’m going to hold out hope that your eye spontaneously recovers before they can finally get around to doing the surgery.

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  2. It’s tough to be ready for surgery, and then have it postponed. You have to get yourself all psyched up again. But we all will wish you well, whenever it is. I love all these quotes, but today the Henry Van Dyke one about singing in the woods soothes my insecure soul.

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  3. Gah – I’m late catching up with some of your posts and sorry to hear the surgery was cancelled. I’m hoping there is another post in my mailbox still unread that says it has since happened. That’s terribly disappointing. If you’re like me, you get yourself all psyched up for it only to be left hanging.

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    • No problem, I get behind with reading as well. Thanks for your thoughts! The surgery is supposed to be on Thursday July 25th now.
      For posts that will make you smile, you won’t want to miss Friday’s Super Short Stories and yesterday’s post “Smiles from Vancouver”. Might find out a surprise. 🙂

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