Seeing Clearly!

Back in 2012 I had cataract surgery on my right eye, now the left eye wants to have its turn!

Cataract surgery wasn’t the first eye surgery I had. Way back when I pretty young, I had surgery on my left eye due to it being a “lazy eye”. There is a proper medical term for that, but I forget the name and figured more people would understand  the term “lazy eye”.  Its where my eye would go outward. It just had a mind of its own and didn’t care that it was supposed to look the same direction as the right eye.  I don’t remember the surgery, but I do remember the exercises I had to do to strengthen the eye. It involved wearing a patch on my right eye forcing the left eye to work. Plus there also was a special black thing to attach to the TV where both eyes had to focus together or I wouldn’t be able to see the whole picture, just half of the screen. Not fun. But my left eye did get stronger, it worked and I am happy that the surgery was successful. My left eye is now starting to get lazy again at times, but the Dr isn’t concerned yet. He said that its not that rare to possibly need surgery again for a “lazy eye”, especially when its been so long. The good thing is that it is a simpler method that they use now. So we will cross that bridge if/when we need to.

Tomorrow morning bright and early I go to have my other cataract removed. It is a simple procedure, but of course they have to tell you all the side effects that could happen. One could let the potential side effects scare them from having the surgery, but like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we can’t let fear dictate to us what what we do.

My eyes are very important to me and I want to keep them as healthy as I can. This cataract does mess with my night vision when driving and it can be bothersome when reading or writing.  I am ready to have it out and trusting that all will be well. With that said, I will be glad when it is finished and I can breathe deeply knowing that all is well.

My eye doctor was intrigued with my last surgery, and I told him to make sure he does just as well this time! No pressure, of course. The reason for him being intrigued was that I have always been far sighted. I have needed glasses for close up work, like writing, being on the computer and reading. After removing the cataract from my right eye, glasses were no longer needed! I couldn’t see as far away as I used to be able too, but I was thrilled with not needing glasses anymore!

What really surprised the Doctor, was that I fell right on the line in between being nearsighted and farsighted. He said I was neither, I was a 0. I wouldn’t typically want to be called a 0, but in this case it was great and my hope is that it stays that way!


30 thoughts on “Seeing Clearly!

  1. Good luck. I had cataract surgery many years ago too and became a missionary about it. I should have had it earlier and encourage people to have when the first signs start. I got to the point where I couldn’t drive at night because of halos and glare. It was life changing and really not a big deal if you are careful and follow instructions.

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  2. All the best with the surgery. I too have cataracts but they are not bad enough just yet to justify surgery under our health program. My peripheral vision sucks, so I’ll just keeping bumping into things and knocking things over until my vision reaches whatever magic numbers are necessary to warrant surgery! 🙂

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  3. In 2017, I had almost completely lost vision in both eyes. I still managed to write my blog, but had to hold a magnifying glass in one hand, while typing with the other. I was not able to drive, and reading was done with 500x magnification glasses, even then only with difficulty. In early 2018, I had cataract surgery on both eyes, and I was amazed that I could see again! Because I also have some diabetic retinopathy, my vision is not perfect and I still require strong glasses, and sometimes use a magnifying glass, but the difference is still amazing and I can drive again! Best of luck with your surgery tomorrow … it’s a walk in the park, I promise! And I hope your results are awesome!

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    • OH MY Jill! I can’t imagine how that would feel to lose vision that badly. What a dedication to the blog that you would hold a magnifying glass in one hand and type with the other. Sounds like something I would do though, for you gotta write, right. 🙂
      So glad that your surgery was successful!!!
      Thanks for the good wishes!
      I know it is a simple surgery, its just the fact that its my eyes that makes me more nervous.

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      • Yep … you gotta write. And by that time, Trump was making a mockery of this nation and my fingertips just wouldn’t be still. Good thing I took typing in school, so I didn’t have to actually see the keys! The thing I noticed most after my second surgery was colours! I did not realize that I had only been seeing very muted shades of colour, but after the second eye began to heal, suddenly the colours were so bright that they almost hurt to look at them. I never knew the clock on my bathroom wall was such an ugly shade of green!!! Hasta mañana!!!

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