How Should it End?

I am going to take you on a little trip into my head today. Yes, I know, it could be a little scary, but you all are brave, right?

I want to explain to you the dream I had last night, as its still vivid in my head this morning. Its just one of the very many dreams that I have each night. My brain is busy at night!

To start with I made the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz angry for my house landed on her sister. My house didn’t just land on her it totally fell apart after killing her, but my dear friends put it back together again. Sadly I couldn’t live in it because the Wicked Witch was on the hunt for me, so I ran. While running I encountered the guards from Alice in Wonderland who attacked me for no reason. 7e01ede9f84a410bd9da3a66bca67254

But i grabbed a wooden stake, stabbing them, causing them to fall to the ground with a thud.

Now I have the Queen of Hearts mad at me as well, as she shouts, “Off with her head!”


I went into hiding in a field, and then my dream ended, leaving me stuck in the field.

I can’t stay stuck in the field can I?  How do you think my dream should end? There obviously is no wrong answer, its your call! I only have one request, I would prefer to keep my head! 🙂


The Secret Mission:(Part 3)

If you missed Part 2 of “The Secret Mission”, here is the link. The Secret Mission (Part 2) , and now for the conclusion. Enjoy!

Frank and George had been at the North Pole for 3 days and they were finally beginning to thaw out and get used to the freezing temperatures.  They had hit it off with Jinx an Jangle and Snowball. They were alike in so many ways it was crazy, almost like they were meeting clones of themselves, besides the fact that they looked very different.

This morning they were treated to another delightful meal from Chef Salvo and their stomach were nice and full. They were all ready to embark on their little journey. Though with a full stomach, Snowball really wanted to take a nap.

They were at last headed out on their secret mission. It would involve a fairly long sleigh ride to the secret spot. Santa Clause had given them a map to follow. He said they would know when they got to the spot, for there would be a sign.

As they were walking to the sleigh, Jinx and Jangle were arguing over who should drive it. Frank and George remembered witnessing them driving the sleigh into the snowbank and were thinking that perhaps they would be safer walking. Only problem was that they really didn’t want to walk a long way in the cold. They were intent on listening to Jinx and Jangle that they didn’t notice Snowball.

Snowball hurried past them and disappeared.

“So how about I flip a coin to decide who drives?” asked Jinx.

“Okay, that sounds fair, I call heads.” said Jangle.

Jinx flipped it, but missed catching it and it landed in the snow. He bent down to pick it up. After he brushed it off he said, ” Its tails! I win!”

Jangle sighed, but then he  heard, ” No, you don’t, I do, hop in and lets go!”

Jinx, Jangle, Frank and George turned their heads and to their surprise they saw Snowball sitting in the driver’s seat.

“C’mon slowpokes get in!”

They all laughed, and got in. Jinx barely had his other leg in before Snowball zoomed off.  He hoped they would safely make it to where they needed to go!

George had volunteered to read the map to Snowball, but Frank said no. “Remember the last time you tried reading the map, you ended up getting us lost. We ended up in a small town and took part in the carnival that night.”

George nodded his head, ” Oh yeah, the carnival, how could we forget that.”

“Carnivals are fun!” Jangle said, “You guys were lucky! We have a North Pole Olympics event here every year which is a lot of fun too!”

“Hopefully next year someone will remember to Hard boil the eggs!” said Jinx, looking at Jangle, causing Jangle to turn a little red.

“The carnival was fun, but we ended up being at the Dunk Tank Booth!” George told them. Jinx, Jangle and Snowball had a good laugh at that.

They continued chatting away, until George called out, “Hey, I think we just passed the sign!”

“What sign?”, they all asked.

“The one we just passed!” said George. “I think it was where we were supposed to stop. I thought you were reading the map, Frank?”

Frank sheepishly admitted that he had been distracted by chatting.

“Hold on everyone!’  Snowball shouted, and he made a huge donut in the snow and headed back from the direction they had just come from.

“There it is!” said Jinx.

Snowball skidded to a stop and besides Jinx’s hat flying off his head into the snow, everyone else managed to stay in the sleigh.

“That must be the sign that Santa was talking about. It says, “You are Here!”

They all got out, stretched and took a look around. 

“I guess that we now can open up the envelope that Santa gave us, to explain what we are supposed to be doing out here.” 

“Build a snow fort and make 400 snowballs!”

“400 snowballs! This is our top secret mission!??” everyone exclaimed!

They all looked at each other in bewilderment and Jinx spoke up. “Something smells fishy to me, like maybe a conspiracy going on. 400 snowballs is A LOT!”

“Wow, you are a genius!” said Snowball, ” I wonder if there is something Magical about that number?”

“Hmmm….” and it was silent, while they all were thinking.

“Can’t think of anything, but I sure am feeling hungry for some more of Chef Salvo’s magic chocolate cake!” said Snowball.

“Well we better get busy, for the letter also states that Santa will be here at 4:00pm and we need to be done by then.” said Jangle.

They all shook their heads, still confused, but got busy building and rolling.

At 3:45 they were all rolling the last 5 snowballs. They had been chatting away, but now all that was heard was some sighing and some  “…mmm…” groans! They stacked up the last 5 balls and then all sank to the ground feeling very sleepy.

Their eyes instantly opened when they heard a lot of commotion around them and felt snowballs pelting them.

Everyone was gathered around having a huge snowball battle and they were all right in the center of it!

Then they heard Santa’s hearty “HO-HO” as he said, “Secret Mission declared a success!” and the pelting of snowballs began once again.

Frank looked at George, and said, “Do you get the feeling that the big boss is laughing right now? I am thinking this was a Special Payback Mission!”

“…mmm..” Frank couldn’t answer, as another  snowball had just hit him.






Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Moments of pure joy fill the heart with golden rays of sunshine and memories of the warmth of the rays keep you smiling when it rains.

Graduation time for many, may wonderful adventures be ahead, as their mountain awaits them! What advice would  you give to a graduate?

Succulent sweet strawberries for strawberry shortcake, summer has begun!



The Secret Mission (Part 2)

In case you missed Part 1 yesterday, here is a link. The Secret Mission

George’s head hit the desk. He looked up at the still broken clock. He knew a lot of time had passed since he was on the phone trying to straighten out a problem. He had decided to make the call over his lunch hour and it took up his lunch hour and more! Some days he longed to go back in time, before technology was so advanced. As nice as it was, it sure brought its share of headaches along with it.

The door opened and in walked Frank smiling. “Hey George, where were you? I was waiting for you to come out to the park, I am guessing the phone call didn’t go too well?”

George raised his head, looking at Frank.  Frank took one look and said,  “No worries, you don’t need to explain, I think I will just get to work now. Look at the bright side, tomorrow we will leave for our special assignment!”

The rest of the afternoon passed quickly and their boss came out to wish them well at teh end of the day.

“I hope everything goes smoothly for you guys! This is a pretty big adventure, may it be successful!” He shook their hands and they started walking towards the door. Then they heard him call out, ” Make sure you stay warm!” They heard him snickering as they closed the door behind them.

George and Frank walked in silence to their vehicles. Frank broke the silence. ” Well this definitely will be an adventure, guess its good that neither of us have agoraphobia!”

George couldn’t help but laugh as he shook his head and said, “Yes!”

Then he added, “I just wish that your word for today, “temerarious”, wouldn’t seem to fit so well.

Frank put his hand on George’s shoulder and said, “Think of the words that go along with that word, “Adventuresome”, “Daring”, and “Bold”. We are going to where not many go.

“Yes, we are, and you know there is another word that is a synonym for “temerarious”, “Foolhardy!”

Frank paused and said, “You have a point there, but the big boss has picked this special mission for us, so we have to go. You know how it goes, her wish is our command!”

George agreed and they both said how they would make the most of it, for one just never knew what could happen! Gotta embrace life, “Carpe Diem!”  

They wished each other a good night and said they would meet at the airport at 7am sharp in the morning.

The next morning dawned bright and sunny, and Frank and George were feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed, after a good night’s rest. They had books along, prepared for the long flight ahead of them.

After traveling for awhile and dozing off and on between reading they started chatting.

“Do you remember the names of the 2 guys that we are supposed to meet at the airport?” asked Frank.

“I am thinking….They were very different names I know that. Was one Jingle perhaps? Yeah, I think it was Jingle and and Jinx. Who has names like Jingle and Jinx?”

Frank shook his head, “No, Jingle doesn’t sound right, I think it was Jangle.”

“Yes, that is correct!”, said George. “Jangle and Jinx! Hmm….looking forward to meeting them! They sound like interesting characters!”

“The boss really didn’t tell us much about them. She only said how we should hit it off with them and another one named Snowball. She said everything would make sense when they explained more to us.”  said Frank.

“I sure hope so, for right now it just seems kind of strange. I never heard of anyone called Snowball before either and remember, there is someone else called Candy Cane. Do you think they are spy names. Perhaps they have different identities like we do?” suggested George.

“The boss did mention that they helped with a very large mission. Apparently they worked hard all year long for a very special yearly event! She told us to just think about where we are going and that perhaps we would figure it out. But nothing has come to me so far, how about you?” asked Frank.

“Nope, you know how our boss can be a little delusional at times. I think this may be one of those times!” replied George.

Soon the announcement came over the loudspeaker, “Please buckle your seat belts and prepare for landing.”

George and Frank buckled their seat belts, hoping for a smooth landing.

The plane landed just fine and it didn’t take long for them to grab their bags and head out of the plane.

A blast of cold air hit them as they walked outside. “Welcome to the North Pole indeed!” said George.

There wasn’t much around when they walked out, all they could see was snow and ice and lots of space. The little airport looked deserted as they stood there, trying not to shiver too hard.

Soon they heard someone yelling. “There they are, straight ahead, slow down Jinx!”

They looked and saw a sled heading right for them at a high rate of speed. They quickly moved aside as they watched the sleigh plow into the snowbank.

“I am driving home Jinx!” said Jangle, as they got out of the sleigh.

Snowball emerged from the snowbank that he had been tossed into, and muttered how he should have stayed behind with Santa.

Frank and George blinked their eyes.  Were they really seeing what they thought they were seeing? They looked like elves, and had that one elf mentioned Santa?

Did their boss have “bats in her belfry”, or what? What this real?

They watched as 3 elves walked towards them with rosy cheeks and smiles, though Snowball still looked a little disgruntled.

“Welcome to the North Pole, Santa is looking forward to meeting you!” they said, as they extended their hands out to Frank and George.






The Secret Mission

The park was a lovely spot for a lunch break. Tulips were popping up their heads and showing off their colors and golden finches were flying around the bird feeder that the park had hanging from one of the blooming pear trees.

The beautiful swans were gliding around on the shimmering lake. This time Frank and George were content to watch them from the picnic bench without going any closer to the lake. It might have been a few months ago when they had a closer than expected encounter with the swans, but it was still fairly fresh in their minds.

“So, what do you think our new assignment will be, has the boss said anything to you? ” asked Frank.

George finished swallowing a bite that he had taken from his bologna sandwich, and then he replied.

“No, the  boss hasn’t said anything to me, but hopefully we will find out soon.  ”

They never quite knew what kind of job the boss may have for them. Often they were in the dark about what they would be doing next. Sometimes they were undercover cops and sometimes they were clowns in a circus. They had all kinds of ID’s, just had to make sure that they pulled out the right ones at the right time! Sometimes they would get confused, and pull out the wrong one, but they could quickly cover it up pretty well. Their lives definitely weren’t boring. That is one word that did not apply to them!

They went back to eating their bologna sandwiches and carrot sticks, while they enjoyed the nice breeze that was blowing.

After some silence, Frank asked a question. “Do you know what the word agoraphobia means? ”

George looked at him with a quizzical expression. “No, can’t say that I do.”

Frank smiled and said, “It’s a new word that I learned today from my Word a Day Calendar. It means a fear of open spaces. ”

“Oh”, George nodded his head and went back to eating.

“You are welcome,” said Frank.

“For what?” asked George.

“For enlightening you with a new word,  think of all the things that I keep teaching you about the English language.”

George just rolled his eyes as he finished the last drop of his nice, cool drink.

Soon it was time to go back to work. They had stacks of paperwork on their desks to do, since they had no other assignment at the moment.

George looked up at the clock on the wall after awhile and was perplexed.

“Hey Frank, what does your watch say? ”

“Its almost 3pm.” he said.

“Well that’s a relief,  I thought time was moving awfully slow. I think the clock must be broken again. It still says 1:30!”

They waited a few more moments and then Frank said, “Its 3:00 on the dot, its quitting time!”

Their boss was still gone, he was having a meeting with his supervisor. She was the one that handed down the assignments for Frank and George.

Frank and George made sure their desks were clean. Frank looked at his calendar once again, and he tore off the page for tomorrow, he was curious.

George was heading for the door when Frank called out to him. “Wait up, I have another word for you.”

They had just been out of the office for a few minutes when their boss walked back in. He saw that their desks were all clean, he must have just missed them. He looked up at the clock and turned his head. Looked at his watch and shook his head. Looked like the clock had stopped working once again.

Well, it was too bad that the guys had left, for his boss had given him the next assignment that she wanted George and Frank to go on. Guess they would just have to wait to find out now.

He spied Frank’s word of the day calendar and glanced at the word for tomorrow.. Well now that was a interesting word. He didn’t think he had ever heard that word before!

He read the meaning of the word. Hmm… he thought to himself, that word may fit very well with what their next assignment was going to be. Smiling to himself, he locked up the office and walked out the door. Yes, that may fit very well indeed!



Tuesday’s Thoughts!

It’s a beautiful sunny day here, after all the rain we have had, these past couple days have been very nice. 70 degree weather, so not too hot. I hope your week is going well and that today will be filled with moments that make your heart smile!



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Once again ….

I once again find myself without words.  How can I adequately express my sorrow at another story of 12 lives snuffed out by bullets from a gun. In the town of Virginia Beach, twelve people went to work yesterday not knowing that they wouldn’t be returning home. Not having any clues that their lives meant nothing to a disgruntled employee that had a gun.

12 people had their dreams forever silenced, due to one angry man with a gun. 

12 people will never see another gorgeous sunrise or sunset.

12 people will never walk here on earth again, not feel the soft green grass on their bare feet, or smell a rose, so very sweet.  Not hear the call of the mourning dove or the sound of a mighty waterfall.

A countless number of people, friends and family members of the 12 victims, now have had their lives forever altered. Heartbreaking pain, all because of one angry man, who had a gun.

What has happened to respect for human lives? What is happening to society? When did the Golden Rule disappear?

Why is it so hard to just be kind?

Why are so many still so blind?