How do you Spell Relaxation?

One dog on my lap, curled up on my blanket. I always have a blanket when on the couch. Our other dog lying at my feet. Music playing . Ahh! Relaxation!

How did you relax today?

What is one of your favorite ways to relax?

27 thoughts on “How do you Spell Relaxation?

  1. That sounds wonderful! Today was NOT relaxing for me at all. However, I guess I did have a tiny bit of relaxation… after a ton of work on a biz project, my husband and I went to Coffee Bean to sit and drink a mocha iced blended. πŸ™‚


  2. I am blessed with a one hour commute to and from work. So an 8 hour day turns into 10 hours away from home.

    The first 26 miles are all farm landscapes interspersed with lovely forested clumps, and far off cemetery on one side, that gets decorated with large flags on the proper holidays. The closer I get to work, the more buildings and other signs of urban development begin to crowd out the farm fields and the traffic gets a bit more dodgy and requires alertness. That gets me ready for the work ahead.

    When I leave, I am jazzed and thrumming with energy (some days positive, some days negative). As I drive along, the first 30 miles start with shops, strip malls and industrial buildings, impatient drivers around me, threatening semis and oblivious drivers who have NO place on a tollway. Then it slowly gives way to forests and farm fields for the final 26 miles; with little traffic or just vehicles of various sizes and speeds going my way and making no demands for adjusting the cruise control. I talk to God a lot during that drive, and sometimes I’ll turn on some music or an audio book.

    I untie my psychic knots when i’m on the road, so I get to relax a bit every day.

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