Once again ….

I once again find myself without words.  How can I adequately express my sorrow at another story of 12 lives snuffed out by bullets from a gun. In the town of Virginia Beach, twelve people went to work yesterday not knowing that they wouldn’t be returning home. Not having any clues that their lives meant nothing to a disgruntled employee that had a gun.

12 people had their dreams forever silenced, due to one angry man with a gun. 

12 people will never see another gorgeous sunrise or sunset.

12 people will never walk here on earth again, not feel the soft green grass on their bare feet, or smell a rose, so very sweet.  Not hear the call of the mourning dove or the sound of a mighty waterfall.

A countless number of people, friends and family members of the 12 victims, now have had their lives forever altered. Heartbreaking pain, all because of one angry man, who had a gun.

What has happened to respect for human lives? What is happening to society? When did the Golden Rule disappear?

Why is it so hard to just be kind?

Why are so many still so blind?





24 thoughts on “Once again ….

  1. For a supposedly “civilized” society … I am lost for words.
    For a predominantly Christian society … I just shake my head.
    For a society of the 21st century that believes (as in the 19th century) in an inherent right and need to carry a gun … I am very saddened.

    My thoughts and prayers are with all those impacted. To those who can still justify vigilante justice; who are swayed by the NRA and other organizations whose interest is totally financial … who can justify so many pointless killings in the name of a “right” … I have to believe that there will be accountability at some point in time.

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  2. I have no words … they’ve all been said so many times before. And I have no answers to your questions, for if there were answers, then this would never happen again, but we both know it will. However, I share in your pain and anguish. Seems humans are becoming more cruel rather than kinder. 😥

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  3. I don’t get it either… As a US neighbour, it amazes me to see so many people fight to keep “rights” to own guns at home, that shouldn’t be in the hands of average people. I agree with gun fans that criminals will keep getting their hands on guns no matter the rules and laws adopted, but it is beyond me that people don’t even seem to want to make it difficult for them to buy them. It is also sickeningly sad to see how much hurt and anger there is in some people’s hearts… *Sigh*

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    • You are very right . It’s mind boggling and sickening how we let this keep happening again and again and yes very sad about the amount of hurt and anger there must be in the ones who do the killing. I just can’t imagine!


  4. Seems you’re feeling sad and bewildered at such unnecessary loss of life. I believe the Golden Rule disappears in people who don’t take the time to practice empathy. Empathy requires work, in order to take it to the deeper levels that prevent us from lashing out at others. And it’s constant work. Everybody lapses at the effort, to some degree. And this leads to treating others inconsiderately, or taking out our frustrations on others. And when our laziness at empathy reaches an extreme level, we become capable of picking up a gun and shooting indiscriminately. So, for the well-being of others, and even ourselves, we must always ensure that we work at empathy.

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  5. That news story made me heartsick. I doubt they’ll ever find a definitive answer for such an action, especially from a long-time employee who had already turned in his two-week notice. I despair at ever seeing any serious gun laws being enacted – at least in my remaining years.


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