School Days!

Summer days are here! School is out or almost out and there are happy children and happy teachers! What do you remember about your school days?  Who was your favorite teacher,  or your not so favorite teacher?

I really don’t have one specific teacher that stands out to me as being my favorite, but there were several that I did like. In elementary school my 3rd grade and my 5th grade teacher were the ones I liked the most. They just were so sweet, patient and caring. I still remember though the day that I was so upset, for the first time ever my 3rd grade teacher had yelled at me.

We had went to the Philadelphia Zoo for a field trip. We all had stopped for lunch break in a picnic area of the zoo. I had been done eating and was sleepy as I sat in the shade of a big tree. I leaned up against the tree and before I knew it I was asleep. I don’t believe I was asleep long, but long enough for my whole class to be gone! Yes, there was not a classmate in sight and I was scared! I decided it was up to me to find my class so off I went.

To this day I remember so vividly walking around feeling so lost as foreign languages were being spoken all around me. Finally I heard my name and I turned my head. I knew that person, it was my classmate and behind them was my whole class. I was hugged and also given glares as I was told that they had to miss seeing the elephants because of looking for me! They found me just in time to get on the buses to go home.

It was when we got on the bus to get home that the “yelling” happened.  As a 3rd grader, I am sure it sounded more loud than it really was. My teacher was just wanting to know why I hadn’t stayed where we all had been for lunch. Why had I walked away, for hadn’t I been listening when she told us all that if we got separated from the group, to stay in place and they would come get us.  Oops! I had forgotten that! Or why hadn’t I said anything to one of the workers there about being lost? Well, that question was easy, none of them looked trustworthy enough to me!  I can well imagine now that she had been pretty frantic, and I fully understand her yelling.  As bad as I felt for disappointing her there is another thing that I will always remember. That would be the comfort of her tight hug!

So what is one experience of your school years that will always stay with you?



33 thoughts on “School Days!

    • Good question! 🙂 I remember passing the giraffes but don’t know about the elephants.
      Yes it was scary enough to have left an impression on me after all these years. I still can see things so vividly , the big tree I was under and the man selling ice cream who I almost said something to but didn’t. And wondering if I would still be there when the zoo closed!
      Perhaps this is partially why I tried to make sure to go along as a chaperone on all my kids field trips in elementary school! 🙂

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  1. I did not love high school, so that was a big yuck for me. Middle school was puberty….good times. Elementary school was ok. I loved my 6th grade teacher who was awesome. Favorite memory was coming in second place at field day for accuracy throw.

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  2. That hug must have been so nice – and I like how you noted you did not find anyone trustworthy to tell.
    Goodness – The first study that comes to mind was the first time I lost my purse – maybe 14 years old – left in on the bus – for the whole night I was sad – only had a few items snd few dollars in it – it was a small 1980s zippered clutch with a really long string kind ornament handle (they were really trendy)
    Well on the bus in the morning – the bus aide held it for me and gave it to me – she was awesome
    And I do not think I ever lost my purse after that – sometimes those lessons teach us -eh?

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    • Yes, the hug did feel very nice. I felt safe again!
      I am not sure what I thought a trustworthy person was supposed to look like, apparently it was supposed to be someone I knew. LOL! But when you are taught not to talk to strangers, it does make a conflict in your mind. 🙂
      Oh how nice of the bus driver to keep your purse for you! I can see how that would be a lesson you would remember! Glad you never lost it again. 🙂

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      • I died that story a few years ago – one of my son’s friends (when young high schooler” left his skateboard in his driveway and his dad crushed it with suv
        – I told him about my purse – the horrible night I had without it etc – and told him how it was a lesson that made me really mindful – and I never left my purse behind again – well maybe years later – but it really was an awakening for a younger
        And told him he likely would now have a sixth sense about where his board is before he calls it a day. He agreed
        And sometimes those experiences are just what we need to be on our toes – eh?

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  3. Favorite teacher? Without a doubt, the 9th grade English teacher I had in public school. She encouraged me so much with my writing and even in my faith. We wrote journals once a week, and I distinctly remember writing often about looking forward to my school the following year (where I would be reunited with friends like you).
    As for summer memories, it just occurred to me the other day that I still expect summer to feel like it did when I was in high school. It NEVER WILL. 🙂 Those mostly carefree days. Even with a summer job, we had endless hours to do nothing at all.

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    • OH thanks for sharing Char! I so remember looking forward to you coming to HS!! The night we got no sleep because we just were so excited to be reunited! 🙂
      That is great that your teacher was such an encourager!
      You are so right about carefree days of summer not being the same as when we were young! But I still love lazy summer days! 🙂


  4. Or why hadn’t I said anything to one of the workers there about being lost? Well, that question was easy, none of them looked trustworthy enough to me!

    ~> Well, well . . . weren’t you the suspicious young thing! 😯

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  5. Memorable memories ~> so many.

    French class in HS ~> taking turns to cook french dishes on Fridays. Bon Appetit!
    HS ~> getting suspended for smoking
    4th grade ~> getting into creative writing club run by my favorite teacher
    Hanging out with the principal in the 8th grade so I wouldn’t disrupt the rest of the class when I finished the assignment. 😀

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  6. Awwww, I love the ending with the added tight hug! 🙂

    My 2nd-grade teacher Mrs. Zimmerman was the best, always encouraging the excitement of a good book and the use of one’s imagination. My 3rd-grade teacher was super sweet and encouraged a short-lived love of math for a few years. A few amazing high school teachers that I had such wonderful conversations with on philosophy, culture, and the vivid debates and discussions on human nature, society, politics, and the human psyche. A few favorite English/Literature/Creative writing professors in college that challenged me and inspired so much wonderful growth in my writing. There are others, but those are ones that always stand out the most to me.

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