Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! Back to reality today, woke up to the sound of the buzzing alarm clock. We had a nice day off yesterday and just enjoyed relaxing and being together instead of everyone going their different ways. I hope all of you enjoyed a nice start to the week and that it continues to be a great week. The sun is shining here and my flowersΒ  that I bought at the beginning of this month, are still blooming, much to the surprise of my family! I may be setting a record. Let kindness bloom in your heart today and have a wonderful day!

1. yahooeysblog.wordpress.com

Swan Lake 2006-05-28 Thanks Yahooey for this one! I remembered to use it. πŸ™‚

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45 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. One can never go wrong following the wisdom of Lao Tzu. Among my favorites from him : “New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.” Thank-you!

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  2. #5 is great

    #9 is not really true. Laws must be rooted in something deeper than power and brute force to hold legitimate authority. From my perspective, Hitler and the Nazi regime were NEVER a legitimate authority in Amsterdam. They were just dangerous hoodlums, thugs, and fascists.

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  3. The pretending to be asleep
    One was my fav (coz we know a certain elderly person who does this!)
    And I too have flowers
    From earlier this month that are lasting (and I posted about it this week) and isn’t it fun when fresh-cut blooms last a while


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