53 thoughts on “Fill in the Blank

        • Can’t see anything wrong with that. It is simple logic. Anybody who knows anything about his business background knows he is not a business man. Anybody who recognizes his self-serving goals knows that despite what he says, he is not working for the average American. Anybody who has the slightest conviction that the world works so much better as friends rather than as adversaries, knows that Trump is an idiot. He has to be one of the greatest con-men to ever get into politics and, while it is understandable that so many voters were fooled into voting for him … anybody who still supports him needs serious help.

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          • Thanks Colin! I have spent the better part of three years trying to convince people to just listen to the logic, consider the facts, open their eyes and ears. I’ve had maybe one or two successes to show for thousands of hours of research and writing. Still … I keep trying. You’re right, anybody who can still support him after all he’s done has some serious problems. Give Ray a pat for me!

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  1. Nailing jello to a tree is easier than . . .

    * Teaching an octopus to roller skate.
    * Giving the cat a bath.
    * Finding a parking spot at the beach on Memorial Day.

    And . . . raising teens. (Tx to Erma Bombeck)

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    • LOL about the octopus, that would be a sight to see!
      No way do I want to give a cat a bath!.
      Yes parking spots can be a
      Ahhh. Good ole Erma, hmmm…..you might have hit on what I was thinking last night. Haha! 🙂

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