Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Make the most of your time between the Sunrise and the Sunset of your days!

Conversation with a good friend adds wonderful flavor to any meal!

If had to do over again, what subject would you dread a final exam in? Feeling relieved that school finals are wayyyy behind me!

As a bonus for today, I have included this song. There were several great suggestions yesterday when I asked for songs to go with my post about children growing so fast. Thank you! I knew my readers could think of some, since my brain had been too tired to work at the time. I chose this one only because it was new to me and I thought it might be new to a lot of you as well. It also was the one that choked me up the most, I saw mykids in the pictures and yes the memories rolled down my cheeks. Enjoy!


19 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. I like that tune. But most kids have absolutely no desire or willingness to slow down. They want to grow up as soon as possible. Then when they’re adults they figure out that adulthood ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, and want to go back to childhood.

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  2. That song makes me cry like a baby every time!
    Oh, and Geometry was the bane of my existence in high school. I was so relieved to have gotten that class out of my life.

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  3. So glad I no longer have the pressure of school finals! Lol …..Mine was geography and math the most. However, even if I was really good at a subject, taking a test always caused me much anxiety. I was so happy when I got to college and had more written finals as papers as writing, is definitely my strength! 😉

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