Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Hope your day is off to a great start! I thought I would answer the questions I had asked all of you in my post last night. For a career, I used to think an airline stewardess would be fun, problem is I don’t exactly meet the height requirement and me wearing 7 inch heels and walking at the same time just isn’t going to happen! For a superpower, well reading minds of course! No guessing at what people are thinking, problem with that though is would I always want to know what the person is thinking?Β  I think I would have to be selective with that superpower, may turn it off at times! Describing myself with the first letter of my name ? Compassionate, and of course there is Crazy as well which may fit. What do I like to do, starting with the first letter of my last name? Sleeping is something that is usually enjoyed!

Have a great day, and I hope you get to do something that you enjoy today!


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29 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. fun to hear your answers to your questions! I’m laughing thinking of you as a flight attendant with 7 inch heels. I’m sure there would always be fun and laughs! You tugged at my heart with #1 and nothing could beat it! ❀

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