The Special Surprise (Part 1)

It’s a rainy day here, so I thought it might be a fun day to visit the North Pole and see what our favorite elves are up too!

This is a little different Jinx and Jangle story today, as the idea for the story came from Ellen. She thought it would be fun for Jinx and Jangle to be surprised by finding out something very important. Sorry I can’t tell you what, for that would give it away!

I can’t refer you to Ellen’s blog, for she doesn’t have one, though I believe she easily could! She is always full of a wealth interesting information!  She has a warm heart, a fun spirit and I always appreciate reading comments from her and her adorable grandson Benjamin. I know other bloggers who have the same appreciation. Ellen and Benjamin bring a great light to the blogging community.

Thank you Ellen for the fun suggestion you gave, I hope you and Benjamin enjoy the story!

The Special Surprise

“Cuckoo Cuckoo!” The clock chimed in the living room. Jangle and Jinx were both sitting in their favorite recliners and reading. “Cuckoo Cuckoo!”  It chimed some more. “Cuckoo Cuckoo!”  Jinx looked up from his book and said,  ” I think Candy Cane was secretly laughing to herself when she gave us that clock.”  “Cuckoo Cuckoo!” it chimed again. 

Jangle agreed, “Hey I think Snowball’s birthday is coming soon. Maybe we should get him a cuckoo clock?”

Jinx chuckled, ” That may be a very good idea!”

“Talking about birthday’s reminds me of how I loved getting birthday cards from my Grandma. They were always specially made by her and what she wrote in them always made me smile. I didn’t get to see her very often, but I cherish the memories of when I did. She was the first one who taught me what Honey Milk was! “

“My grandma made honey milk too! Isn’t it yummy. We should make some!,” said Jangle. ” I remember many visits to my Grandma’s place and the fun adventures we had.  She could make a simple walk to the post office fun! My grandma was a true gem!” 

They sat quietly for a little, lost in memories of the past. Then they shared more stories of their childhood memories with each other.

Cuckoo Cuckoo!  Looking at the clock, Jinx jumped up from his recliner. “We need to go Jangle! Remember Santa wanted to see us about something important!”

“Oh my, that’s right! We can’t be late for Santa!”

They grabbed their coats and hats and ran out the door.

Soon they were at his house and Mrs. Clause had poured them all a cup of Chamomile tea. Mrs. Clause was always so sweet, she had tea and cookies always ready whenever they would drop by. She was like everyone’s favorite grandmother.

They were sitting around the cozy fireplace in rockers and chatting, when Santa cleared his throat and said, ” I have a special favor to ask of the 2 of you. There really is no one better for the job.”

Jinx and Jangle smiled and sat up a little straighter when hearing this from Santa.

“We would be glad to do a favor for you Santa. What would you like us to do?”

“It involves a trip to the airport, there is a special visitor coming to the North Pole,” said Santa with a twinkle in his eye.

“How exciting,” Jinx and Jangle said, ” We would be glad to go to the airport for you.”

Santa gave them the flight number and the time to be there.

“Thank you both very much, I knew I could count on you!”

“You can indeed!” said Jangle and he waved his mug in the air, forgetting it still had a little tea in it, which spilled on the floor.

“Oops!” said Jangle, as he looked a little red, but Mrs. Clause just laughed and told him not to worry about it. ” Santa has had his share of spills too!”They all laughed then.

They chatted a little more before Jinx and Jangle decided to go.

“We will make sure to be at the airport first thing Wednesday morning, and will give your guest our royal welcome! ”

Santa smiled, ” I have no doubt that you will! I will be eager for you all to get back from the airport. ”

They thanked Mrs. Clause for the tea and cookies and walked out the door.

Santa’s eyes danced as he looked at Mrs. Clause and she smiled back. Wednesday  was bound to be a fun day!

(to be continued…on Wednesday)





16 thoughts on “The Special Surprise (Part 1)

  1. I think they’re going to pick up Santa’s brother, Claude Claus. Claude is a surly, uncouth character in a big awkward body. He’s never understood the big deal about Christmas. But Santa puts up with his annual visits anyway, because after all, he is his brother. But most of the time he makes his elves entertain Claude, while Santa hides behind the workshop and smokes his pipe.

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  3. Namaste, Miss JoyRoses! It’s me, Benjamin! I love this Jinx and Jangle story and I love surprises too! I am trying to guess the surprise. I think Gem knows. I said don’t tell me cause then it’s not a surprise, right? I will be so surprised, right? Thank you and a neckbuster hug for you too.

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    • Hi Benjamin! Its great to hear from you and so glad you enjoyed the story. I think you will be very surprised! Would love to know your guesses. 🙂 A big hug back at ya! ❤


    • Note from Gem : Benjamin left early on Monday due to an appointment. When I opened this post and read the first line, I decided to wait and share it with Benjamin today. He is so excited, but wants to wait until Friday to read the second part for a very good reason. He wants to share the surprise with all of his friends…Jellybean, Jaxon, Snowball, Jinx, Jangle and Dinosauris. Unfortunately Dinosauris is not here, he stayed home today with some other friends. Per Benjamin : “That’s okay Gem, surprises are more surprisy when you have to wait!” I’m all for ‘surprisy’, so we will wait! So Jangle’s Grandma was a true gem, huh? I think that I may know her. Of course she made Honey Milk, that’s what a Grandma does, especially the gems! Thank-you for a fun afternoon, can’t wait until Friday. I’m not peeking at Part 2, I love surprisy surprises too! Thank-you!

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      • Hmmm… You just might know this Gem of a grandma indeed! 🙂
        That is awesome that Benjamin wants to wait til all of his friends are with him on Friday to share the surprise with! He just makes me smile so much!
        Yes, surprises are more “surprisy” for sure when you have to wait, good for him in having the patience too!! And for you too! 🙂


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