Choices and Results!

As I was debating what to post today, I remembered a post that I shared back in 2016. I thought it would be a timely post to share once more. If you did read it back in 2016, I hope you don’t mind reading it again and thanks for still “following” me. 🙂

8 years ago on the last day of April there was a young man who loved life! He was outgoing, passionate and caring. He could make you laugh at the drop of a hat. He was a wonderful big brother to his two younger sisters,  and the only son of my dear friends.

His name was Kiel. His Freshman year of college was ending, it was his last week. He had made it through! He was soon going to be moving back home for the summer, life was good!

I don’t know what Kiel was doing the morning of April 30th, but I can guess that he probably was thinking of the summer to come. Thinking of the fun times he could have with his family and friends. Wondering what his future beyond college might hold, having dreams, like we all do.

He had a optimistic view on life that was contagious when you were around him, always wearing a smile. More times than not that smile was probably due to mischief brewing in his mind. He did enjoy having fun. He was 19 years old  with his whole life ahead of him. I may not know what all his mind contained the morning of April 30th, but I am pretty sure that he didn’t wake up thinking, “This is going to be the last morning I see.”

May 1st dawned as a bright, warm Spring day. My friend Lori knew in a week that her son would be home from college. Being a close knit family, she was excited to have her children all together again.

Lori was at work when 2 policeman walked into her work place asking for her. She wasn’t aware that when she stepped outside with the police that her life would be irrevocably changed. Changed by choices that had been made by her precious son and by his questionable friends.

The details of the night remain sketchy, even 8 years later; for people are afraid to speak up. The facts are tragic. My friend’s son who had so much potential and promise inside him was found dead the morning of May 1st. He died of alcohol poisoning. His friends were very aware of how intoxicated he was, and one mentioned taking him to the hospital. But the others made the CHOICE not too! They made the CHOICE to put him in a bedroom and just let him sleep it off. You don’t sleep off alcohol poisoning! No one checked on him until it was too late. CHOICES were made that night that resulted in deadly consequences and that changed not only my friend’s life and her family, but the lives of many others who knew and loved him.

We make choices every day of our lives and a lot of those choices are not life changing ones, but we need to remember that there are choices that can be. Choices that not only may change our lives, but the lives of so many others. Choices that we don’t always get a second chance to redo! Please choose wisely when making serious choices, don’t only think about the here and now.  Think through your choice, instead of making an impulsive one, which could lead to serious consequences!

My heart still aches for my friend and her dear family, for there is no greater loss than the loss of a precious, loved one! His presence continues to be deeply missed. But I  want to say that I am so proud of  them and the choices they have made in dealing with this tragedy.

They have become Kiel’s voice. They have gone around to different High Schools and Colleges ( including Kiel’s college) sharing the truth about alcohol poisoning. Encouraging young people to make wise and responsible choices. They are doing all they can to try and make a difference in the lives of others.

They did not choose to become bitter and isolate themselves from society. They chose to keep embracing life and living it to the fullest like Kiel did. They chose to keep smiling through their heartbreak. Having their times of sorrow and tears, but knowing that this isn’t the end. Knowing that they can preserve Kiel’s legacy and that each of them still have so much to offer the world. They continue to share their love, wisdom, joy and laughter with their friends.  Love you Lori, Tony, Katy and Ema.  Keep letting God’s beautiful light shine through, as you continue to inspire others!

19 thoughts on “Choices and Results!

  1. It is these kind of tragedies that I hope my (adult) children will avoid when I tell them to be safe or make good choices. This truly is a tragedy for his family but it is wonderful that they have turned it into a mission. God bless them.

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  2. Could have happened to me, and to so many others. At that age it’s hard to know what the good choices are. And so we have the occasional tragedies, where survivors are left with a lifetime of grief.

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  3. His family has turned a tragically sad story in to a positive message that may have already saved the lives of others. Rather than expressing their grief in terms of hate, they are using it to help others hopefully avoid the same, or similar tragedy. Thanks for sharing!

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    • They really have and have had made contact with some kids who have shared openly with them. They have been touched, they know they can’t change what happened but they strive to help make a difference!
      You are very welcome!

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  4. The loss of a child leaves a hole in the heart that can never be filled, it can be patched but not filled. Grief is individual and multifaceted, while some drown others swim. Channeling ones grief from a negative focus to a positive outlet encourages one to swim. Your friends are a perfect example of swimming through the grief and making it to a different shore. There are personal benefits and benefits to others as well. Kiel’s death was a preventable tragedy and I can not begin to imagine how his friends have lived with the weight of their choice. You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choice – A Universal Paradox. Thank-you!

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  5. The Florida Legislature sent a bill to the governor Tuesday that targets people who plan and recruit others to perform hazing rituals. The bill makes it a third-degree felony if the hazing results in a permanent injury even if the person does not directly commit the act of hazing.

    Also, it grants immunity to anyone who calls 911.

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    • I sure hope that bill gets passed! For hazing is an awful thing and we are pretty certain that no one called 911 or took him to the hospital because of the fear of getting in trouble. Just so tragically sad!


  6. What a heart-breaking story! My second this morning.

    I can’t imagine what your friends and their loved ones suffered over these past year’s.
    Their example and message to me is that I should seek to make lemonade from the sour lemons life has served to me.
    I appreciate you sharing this post.

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