Love on the Wall

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall …

Humpty Dumpty had great fun, sitting in the sun and watching Jack and Jill come tumbling down the hill.

“HI Jack and Jill!” cried Humpty from his perch on the wall.

Jack and Jill heard him and came running over to chat for a bit.

“How are you Humpty Dumpty?” said Jack.

“I am fine, just sitting and listening to the birds sing. So nice to hear them sing again, now that Spring is here. The black cap chickadee, the whipporwill , the nuthatch and the tufted titmouse, all so delightful to the ear.”

Jack and Jill agreed. They chatted a bit more and then remembered that they needed to get their chores done, before going to Scarborough Fair that night. They bid Humpty Dumpty goodbye and soon were out of sight.

Humpty continued to sit, for what else was he to do, he was on a wall and he surely didn’t want to fall.

He sat and listened to the wonderful songs of the birds and he waved to all that came by. All were welcome at his friendly wall. People stopped to chat and some climbed over the wall as it wasn’t very tall, and some went around. The wall wasn’t built to keep anyone away, it was just a nice  place for Humpty Dumpty  to sit.  A place where he didn’t feel alone, for there was always all kinds of people passing by.

Humpty Dumpty was known to everyone. Some would come and tell him their problems, as they sat by him on the wall. They knew they could count on him to listen, for he wasn’t going anywhere. Others would share stories and laughter with him.Sometimes he had to be careful that he didn’t laugh too hard, possibly causing him to fall.

On the wall he would sit, and wave to all the kings horses and all the kings men as they rode by him at nightfall.

In the stillness of the night, Humpty Dumpty’s heart would be full. It would be flooded with warmth as another day had been spent spreading love from the wall.


The Stowaways


“Wow! Daddy’s balloon is the one that is the highest in the air!”

The three children were talking about the balloons up in the sky.

“Daddy has a cool job, taking people for rides.” said Tucker.

“Yes, and Mommy packs them delicious food for them to munch on while they are up there. She makes the best chocolate chip cookies!” said Anna.

Little Ian said nothing , but he had a  worried look on his face.

Anna noticed her little brother’s silence and the frown on his face. “What’s wrong Ian?” she asked. “Why do you look sad?”

Ian let out a big sigh. “Well remember my buddies Hoppy, Greenie and Stripy” he said.

“Oh yes, how could I forget, we all heard Mom scream when you let them loose in the kitchen last night!” Anna replied.

“She told you to take them outside immediately, are you missing them?”

“Yes”, said Ian as he made a face, “But that’s not the only problem, I didn’t let them loose last night. I couldn’t, they would have been scared!”

“Ian!” Anna said.

“What then did you do with them?” asked Tucker, as now he was interested in where this conversation was going.

Ian sighed and stuck his hands in his pockets. “I kept them in my room overnight, and then I stuffed them in my pockets, but…”

Anna and Tucker were very curious now as they both stared at Ian waiting for him to continue.

“Well they were in my pockets, but Mommy came into the room and I got nervous that they might jump out so I quickly put them in a safe place!”

“Where!” Anna and Tucker asked in unison.

Ian looked down at the ground as he shuffled his feet. ” I threw them in the picnic basket by the door and quickly closed the lid. I was going to get them out right away as soon as Mommy left the room, but she wanted me to take a bath and by the time I got out of the bathtub the picnic basket was gone! My poor buddies, they are probably scared!”

“Oh No!” said Anna, “Of course it was gone, Mommy had it all packed up just waiting by the door for Daddy to grab it! OH Ian, what did you do!”

Tucker had a different reaction, he was laughing very hard.

Anna put her hands on her hips and looked disapprovingly at Tucker. “Tucker James! Its not funny! Those poor guests may scream when they see Hoppy, Stripey and Greenie!”

Ian spoke up, “My buddies are nice, no one should scream at them. But what do you think will happen? Will Daddy let me keep them when he brings the balloon back down?” Will he?”

Anna and Tucker looked at each other and then at Ian. Anna put  her arm around her little brother reassuringly, ” Ian, lets hope that this balloon ride is a very long one, you may not want Daddy to come back down very soon. In fact maybe we should all go home and pick up all the toys for Mommy and Ian you should clean your room!”

Ian shrugged his shoulders, ” I don’t really want to, but that would make Mommy happy, wouldn’t it.”

“It sure would” said Anna, ” and trust me, right now it would be of your best interest to make Mommy very happy!!”


Forgetting the Time


Time can be something easily forgotten, depending on what you are doing.

I can lose myself in a book, become so entranced with the story, letting time just tick away.


I can stand at the ocean, listening to the waves roar and the sound of the seagulls call, giving no thought to the passing of time. 


Sharing heart to heart with words and sometimes without can make time disappear.


Sharing lots of laughter can make time fly by! What was something that made you laugh recently?


Walking in the woods and losing yourself in nature as time goes by unnoticed.


When wrapped in a warm hug time is forgotten.



What makes you forget the time?







The Unexpected Splash!

It was time for the Carnival.  All were excited. Spring was in the air and everyone was eager to get out for a night of fun.

Miss.Jane sensed the excitement in her students today, so she had given them the night off. No homework was sent home. She was looking forward to the carnival too, dreaming of riding the Ferris wheel with her sweetheart. Riding a Ferris wheel may be a simple pleasure, but when shared with someone you love it made all the more enjoyable.

She was thinking back to their very first date, and smiling as she walked out the door for a brisk walk before it was time for the carnival.

“Good Afternoon,  Miss.Jane, how are you today?”  the postman said as he passed her on the sidewalk.

“I am feeling fine, planning to go to the carnival tonight, how about you?”

“Yes, my children are looking forward to it. They always bring home 2 new goldfish when the carnival is in town. They also love the dunk tank!”

Miss.Jane chuckled, “Yes, that is the most popular booth every year. It is fun to watch.  I believe that water is pretty cold from what I hear.”

The postman laughed, “I think you are right about that! Well I have mail to finish delivering so I best be on my way, goodbye Miss.Jane.”  the postman tipped his hat at her and went on his way.

“I think we are officially lost!”

“Are you sure? We can’t be, I was giving you directions right from this map.”

The driver pulled the car over on the side of the road. “Here let me see the map.”

His friend handed it over to him and he rolled his eyes when he got it. “The map is upside down! You were reading it upside down!”

“Well I was just following the blue line,” his friend sputtered out.

“Oh the blue line that just happens to be a lake? That one?”

His friend got silent as his cheeks flushed.

After a few moments he spoke up and said, “Well you don’t have much room to speak. Should I remind you of why we ran out for gas a couple hours ago, making us wait a couple hours for someone to come help us?  Its a good thing we didn’t have a boat to catch this time!”

They both were silent for awhile and then realized that they were hungry so decided to see if they could find a restaurant. They drove into town and soon saw a sign for a diner straight ahead.

The diner was called  ” The Jolly Apple” .  They had apple pancakes, apple pie, apple cobbler, fried apples, applesauce,and more. It was apples galore!

The 2 men sat at the table trying to decide what they wanted. One was sipping at the hot tea that Sally the waitress had brought and his friend was drinking some ice cold water. He found water the most refreshing, though it didn’t taste as good as tea or coffee.

When Sally came to take their orders she asked what brought them to the little town.

Neither man spoke, both waiting for the other to speak.

“Well actually we are looking for the town of “Wholesville”, would you happen to know where that is?”

Sally got a big grin on her face. ” I sure do, been there quite a bit,  let me write down some directions for you. I’ll be right back.”

The one friend turned to his buddy and said, ” Think you can read her directions, I suspect they will be written in English, so perhaps easier to read then a upside down map??”

His buddy just mumbled a response as Sally was walking towards them.

“Here you go. If you aren’t in a rush, we are having a carnival tonight that you might enjoy.”

The 2 men looked at each other and said, ” Sure, sounds like fun!

“Great! Would you mind if I asked you a small favor?”

“No problem, always glad to help if we can!”

Sally smiled and said,” I am in charge each year of getting the carnival together and there is one very popular booth that the children love every year. Sadly this year the 2 people who usually are in the booth are very sick and won’t be able to be there tonight. Would you mind taking their place?”

“Not at all. What is it that we need to do?”

“Oh its very easy, really all you have to do is sit there.” Sally said with a twinkle in her eye.

The 2 men looked at each other and chuckled, ” Well we surely can handle something as simple as that,” the one said. ” My friend here can get confused if its anything too complex.” he laughed.

Sally laughed and assured them it was very easy. ” I will meet you at the carnival grounds at 6pm, Thank you so much, the children will be so happy! Since you are helping out tonight there will be no bill for your meal, its on the house.”

“Thank you very much! Will see you at 6. ” they said in unison, and tipped their hats as they walked out the door.

It wasn’t too long until it was close to 6pm. They had just been wandering around the town looking at the different stores. They really liked the music store, found some CD’s by a well known Italian rocker.

When walking towards the carnival grounds, they wondered to each other if they should have asked more about this booth that they were supposed to be in. Seemed like there had to be more to do than just sit there.

“Guess we will find out soon, ” the one man said to his friend.

“I am getting really  curious,” his friend replied.

“Oh there is the tent that Sally said to look for. She said to look for the rainbow colored tent. ” and they headed towards it.

Sally came out to greet them. “Thanks again for helping out!” She turned her head and yelled, ” Charlie, the guys for the dunk tank are here!”

Sally laughed as she looked at the shock on the guys faces.

“You really don’t mind, do you? Its for the children!”

They looked at each other, how had they got themselves into this! With a deep breath they smiled and said, ” Sure! Why not, we do enjoy bringing smiles.”

“You are such great sports and I will gladly send some fresh food along with you afterwards for your trip to  the town of  Wholesville.

Soon they were changed into their wet suits and the one was sitting on the swing, waiting for the ball to be thrown. His buddy was standing behind him waiting for his turn on the swing. He gulped as he saw the very long line of children waiting for their turn.

They had agreed to change places every 15 minutes and that line surely wasn’t going to be done in 15 minutes unfortunately. Next time he was going to be the one reading the map, they could be in Wholesville right now.

A cheer rose from the children, the ball had hit his mark and his buddy went down! The children’s faces had big smiles on them.

The guys had to smile, for they were spreading smiles around  and that was always a good thing, right!




Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy April! Spring is trying its best to come! Been chilly here, but its supposed to warm up tomorrow. I hope that this month started off great for you!

May these quotes help bring a smile to your face and give you something to ponder as well.  Enjoy!


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Fun and Laughter at the North Pole

“Buzzzzzz!” Jangle reached out with his eyes still closed and turned off his alarm clock.  Why did morning have to come so early! He stumbled out of bed and grabbed his towel to go take a shower.

Jinx heard the water running from the shower and started chuckling to himself. He couldn’t wait to see this! He hopped out of bed and went into the kitchen to start making breakfast.

He was enjoying  a nice cup of tea when Jangle walked into the kitchen.

“Good Morning Jinx!”

Jinx looked up and tea came spraying out of his mouth when he took a look at Jangle.

Jinx was laughing so hard and Jangle just stared at him.

“What is so funny?”

Jinx couldn’t speak as he was bent over laughing.

While continuing to stare at Jinx, Jangle helped himself to some eggs.

At last Jinx got control of himself and finished drinking his tea with a big smile on his face.

“Care to share the joke, Jinx?” asked Jangle, as he was finishing eating.

“You will know soon enough!” Jinx replied, ” I am going to head out now, Santa wanted me to start earlier today. See ya soon.”

Jangle stared after Jinx as he went out the door. He shook his head, Jinx sure could be strange at times. What could possibly be so funny?

Well he better finish getting ready for the day. He went back into the bathroom to do his hair, since the mirror shouldn’t be fogged up anymore.

WHHHATT! What was he looking at!  Jangle touched his orange hair. How did….? Oh he had to go see Jinx, for he was confident that Jinx was responsible for his hair being a bright orange color now!! But wait, he had to do some thinking first, and he sat down to come up with a plan.

After thinking, Jangle had a smile on his face matching the gleam in his eye. This would be good. He left the house and went to see Candy Cane.

Jangle left Candy Cane’s place. She had thought the plan was great and assured him of her cooperation.  He was laughing to himself as he walked towards the building that Jinx and Snowball were working in. Let the games begin, he thought to himself.

“Hi Jangle! How are you?”  Jinx and Snowball asked , while grinning ear to ear.

“I am fine.”  Jangle replied as he went to his table to start working on a new toy.

A few moments passed and then Jinx called out to Jangle. “Why are you still wearing your hat?”

“I just feel like it, why do you ask?” replied Jangle.

“Oh no reason, ” said Jinx, as he and Snowball started laughing.

“Hey Jinx, I almost forgot Candy Cane wanted to see you. You too Snowball.”

“Okay, we will head over there, and Jangle I think you should really take your hat off.” Snowball said.

“I agree!” said Jinx.

Jangle laughed to himself thinking, we will see who is laughing, when they come back! Soon some of the other elves that he had talked to earlier came in the door to help him. They went to work and got everything set up. Candy Cane had said she would keep Jinx and Snowball busy long enough to give them all time to set up.

They were ready, and now they just waited. It wasn’t long before Jangle and the other elves could hear Jinx and Snowball’s voices right outside the door. Jangle had a big smirk on his face, this was going to be great.

The door opened and silly string was sprayed at Jinx and Snowball from all directions. They were covered from head to toe in emerald green silly string! Everyone was laughing as Jinx and Snowball stared at each other in shock. They took a step towards Jangle, when a big bucket of sparkly confetti dropped drown on them, sticking to the silly string. Just as they were about to speak, a large net fell over them.

Jangle and the other elves had definitely pulled one over on them this time! They tried to get out of the net but kept sticking to it because of the sticky silly string.

Jangle was bent over laughing, it had really worked. Whoa! What was…!

Now Snowball and Jinx were laughing as they looked at Jangle, who was also covered in a net and getting sprayed by silly string from all directions.

“Hey this wasn’t part of the plan!” Jangle yelled.

Candy Cane was smirking, ” Sometimes you need to be more clever than the plan!”  she said.”Don’t worry, I will tell Santa that you guys are all tied up in a rather sticky situation.”

They heard her and the other elves laughing as they left the building and closed the door.