Surprised by Grace

It had been a good day, the sun was shining bright, Spring was in the air! Rose was singing to the radio and feeling blessed as she drove down a country road. Oh No! She looked in her rearview mirror, there were red and blue flashing lights! Oh how she hoped that they were for someone else, the only problem is there really wasn’t anyone else on the road. She pulled over, praying for the cop to pass her by, but nope he pulled right behind her, and her head went down.

She was shaking her head, she had to be more careful driving these country roads, it was so easy to take them a little too fast.

She put her window down, needed some air as she waited. Soon the cop was there.

“License , registration and insurance cards please.”

Rose already had them in her hand and handed them to him, with her hand shaking as she apologized for speeding.  He thanked her and went back to his car. Time ticked by as she anxiously waited and wondered how big the fine would be.She looked in her mirror again and saw him heading towards her car and she took a deep breath.

“Ma’am I am going to give you a warning this time, though I could have given you a pretty a big fine. You should know that the road you are on usually has several cops along  it, due to people speeding pretty often on this stretch. Make sure you are very careful and watch your speed next time you happen to travel this road. Be careful pulling out now and have a good day.”

Her heart leapt as a relieved expression passed across her face. “Thank you so much officer! I really appreciate it. I am sorry and I will watch my speed more next time. Thank you again!”

While pulling away she was thankful for the grace that the officer had shown her. She started thinking if there was anyone in her life that she needed to show grace to. Anyone that she could “pay it forward” to.  Rose decided that  she will look for an opportunity to bless someone else, to bring them some unexpected happiness.

As Rose continued down the country road, she thought of something. In this life we meet so many people in our normal day to day routines and there are opportunities every day that we have to add a little more sweetness to someone’s day. Opportunities to give a little grace to people.

Grace to the person that cuts in front of her in traffic, the one who was ahead of her in the grocery store express line with more than 15 items. She knew, she had ounted them! The fast food worker that messed up her order. Or perhaps the waitress that spilled her pitcher of water on her.

Yes, opportunities arose every day and Rose told herself that when she was tempted to get impatient and upset that she would remember the friendly cop. The one who showed her kindness, for kindness brought smiles to the hearts. Plus spreading kindness not only brings smiles to the hearts of others, but it fills your heart as well.

Her heart was full as she reached her road and pulled into her driveway. Tomorrow would be a great day of surprising someone with unexpected kindness and remembering that there are times in life when we need to show grace.




A Moment in Time




It was a beautiful Spring day in Paris, back in April of 2014. when our family had the wonderful opportunity of traveling to Europe and we thoroughly enjoyed it. One of the  landmarks that we visited was The Notre Dame Cathedral. It was so majestic in its grandeur, outside and in.

I felt peace as I walked inside admiring the beautiful stained glass windows, the artwork and the lighted candles. There was a respectful hushed silence as many of us filled the cathedral.



Sadly there was a different type of silence this past Monday, as a huge crowd was gathered watching flames overcome the Cathedral. This wasn’t just a historic monument that was burning, for many it was their special place of worship.

Yes, God isn’t just found in majestic buildings, He can be in the most humble shack and you can feel His presence in the wonder and beauty of nature, but still for many The Notre Dame Cathedral held very special meaning for them and my heart goes out to them.

Thankfully the fire did not totally destroy the Cathedral, but it has suffered severe damage and it will be a long process to rebuild.

The Notre Dame Cathedral took over a hundred years to build! It has over 12 million people a year visit it as it is the most visited monument in France. The cathedral’s towers are more than 220 feet tall and the building is more than 400 feet long, according to Notre Dame’s website. It’s almost 52,000 square feet.

While reading some facts about The Notre Dame Cathedral, I came upon this  interesting fact, one that may not be known to many.  A hive of bees was intentionally placed on the Notre Dame rooftop in 2013. It was placed there to  help protect biodiversity and help prevent bees from dying off. Apparently beehives have now  been thriving on the spires of Notre Dame and Bee keeping has risen in the city of Paris, with a lot of the honey produced by the bees being given to the poor.

I am very glad we got to visit The Notre Dame Cathedral and I believe that it will shine again.

What moved me is how once again people draw together when there is a tragedy. How we can put aside our differences in the moment. People gathered in the streets and were singing Ave Maria together in front of the Cathedral. If only it didn’t take tragedies for people to join hands.

It wasn’t just the ones on the streets of Paris coming together, but people from around the world were tuned in  watching it on their televisions. I am sure some may have joined in singing “Ave Maria” too,  as they watched. Many others who watched had their hearts touched. If only it wasn’t just for a moment in time when people could share love and compassion with each other and sing in harmony. If only we could live in harmony as well.









Tuesday’s Thoughts!

HAPPY TUESDAY! It may be April, but yesterday we had March winds, they were strong! I opened the van door to get out at a stop I made and the door tried to take me on a ride, thankful for much calmer weather today. I do believe its safe for me to go outside now.  I hope the winds of happiness blow your way today. If its other winds that are trying to blow HOLD ON and I hope they calm for you soon. Enjoy the quotes, and if the day is windy look to the sky, perhaps you will see Mary Poppins fly by!


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When the Stress Ball Pops!

It is funny how some memories can just pop into your mind out of the blue. The other day the memory came back to me of when I popped my stress ball. Yes, those little round spongy balls, that I used to think could never break.

I shared on this blog a couple years ago about when our family was going through a very emotional court case. You, my dear readers, were so supportive and I deeply appreciated it. I will say something that I repeated back then,  if I never walk through court room doors again, it will be too soon!

When I was sitting on the stand and testifying my stress ball popped! Sand poured out all over my lap, as my ball looked like a little popped balloon. My attorney and my sisters who were the first to see me after I got off the stand, started laughing when I held up what was left of my ball. I told the attorney that they should think about investing in stronger ones.

While court was very emotional this memory always makes me laugh, for I remember sitting on the stand thinking, “Seriously! Did I really just pop my ball!” It really did lighten the moment for me!

I wonder if the following animals had their “stress balls” pop as well, or what do you think has caused the expression on their faces? Enjoy, and remember even if your stress ball pops, you can give your family and friends a really tight hug. I promise, they won’t pop! 🙂

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What will the Seven Dwarfs do?

I was asked yesterday what happened to Doc, Sneezy and Bashful, being that I had only included Sleepy, Happy, Dopey and Grumpy in my Friday’s post. To be fair to all the dwarfs I decided to post a story today including all of them. The twist to the story is that I would love to have help from all of you!

I will start the story and then someone can add to it, you can write just a line or 2 or more, whatever you prefer. As long as your creative juices keep flowing, you are welcome to keep going.  Have fun with it and write whatever you want. I am pretty confident that with the help of all of you, these dwarfs will have an adventure like they never had before!

The Seven Dwarfs and their Crazy Day!

“A-choo! A-choo!” Sneezy came stumbling out of his bedroom bumping into Grumpy, who wasn’t too happy.

“Must you sneeze so loud! Can’t Doc help you, isn’t that what Doc’s are supposed to do?” Grumpy said in a snappy voice.

Bashful looked up from the book he was reading, but didn’t say a word and quickly looked back down when Grumpy looked his way. At that moment Happy came out of his room whistling a cheery tune, causing Grumpy to cover his ears.

A Special Kind of Royalty

7396628bd8ce277a32d363a404411460 picture from Pinterest


The day had arrived. It really was here, she really was on the train. Her excitement was high! How long had she hoped to do this, dreamed to do it and finally the dream was coming true! Dreams really can come true, even without a fairy Godmother. She stretched back in her seat looking out the window, admiring the scenery.

“Mama Mama, are we almost there?”  piped little Tabitha.

“No sweetheart, we only just left not that long ago. Remember how I told you that this was going to be a long ride?”

Tabitha scrunched up her face, and then got a smile. ” Yes, I remember now. I am gonna start practicing.”

Juliet laughed, ” Practice what my dear? she asked Tabitha.

“Well my cutesy of course Mama!”

“Your what?” asked Juliet.

With her small hands on her hips, Tabitha looked at Juliet and said, “My cutesy!” as she bent her legs.

Juliet tried to hold in her laughter.

“That was great sweetie, but its called a curtsy my dear girl.”

“A cutesy, that’s what I said!”

Juliet smiled, it did look cute, for sure.

“I gotta practice Mama, for you said we are going to see special people.”

“Yeah, we are going to see royalty, right Mama!” asked Liam, who had been reading, but was now distracted.

“Are we seeing a real King”, said Liam, will he be wearing a crown and dressed in royal garb?

“I want to see a Princess, Mommy! I want her to see me do a cutesy, and Liam, you gotta practice bowing.”

They started practicing in earnest as Juliet sat there shaking her head. She better explain to her children.

“My dear children, we are seeing special people, but I am afraid that they are not royalty, no Kings and no Princesses. ”

Her children looked up at her with wide eyes, “But…but…”

“I am sorry.” Juliet said as she saw the disappointment in their eyes.

It didn’t last long though. until Liam spoke up.

“That’s okay, being royalty isn’t what makes people special, right Mama? Its whats in their hearts.”

Juliet’s heart was warmed,  as she put her arm around Liam. “You are exactly right my boy.”

“And I know these people have good hearts because you told me and Tabitha about them.”

“Yes they definitely  do,” said Juliet.

“So we best get to practicing again Tabitha. For if you are special in your heart, that makes you royal to me!”

That was all Tabitha needed to hear, as she eagerly practiced another curtsy.

Merriment danced in Juliet’s eyes, oh how she loved her children. Life was always an adventure with them.

Family Love

Its National Siblings Day I am told. Who makes up all these days anyway? I want to apply for that job! I would be glad to think of something to come up with for each day of the year. The ideas are already swarming. What is something that you think should have a National Day? Think about it and let me know in the comments. 🙂

I was blessed with wonderful siblings and I am so glad to be able to have a strong bond with them! Wouldn’t make it through the tough times in life without them!! Life also would not nearly be as fun or crazy without them!

My brother Nelson was the oldest, he was 10 years older than me, followed by my sister Karen, who is 8 years older, followed by my other sister Sharon, who is 6 years older than me. Yes, i am the youngest, the SURPRISE baby. Was I spoiled? Well of course not!  🙂

We fought as normal siblings do, but we also always had and always will have each others back!

My brother may be gone from us now,  and though he is dearly missed, he will never be gone from our hearts! The impact he had on our lives and the memories we made with him will always stay.

My sisters are always there when my faith needs a boost . We can always count on laughter when we are together, even in the times that it may be mixed with tears.  We may not always agree, but they love me for who I am, in spite of the fact that I may make them roll their eyes at times. They make me roll my eyes too, we keep it even. They are my rock and I would want it no other way.

The love  I have in my heart when I think of them overflows! I am blessed!





Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! The weather is in the 70’s now and it feels sooo good!  I was out on my porch swing  yesterday and it was so nice to be able to relax for a few moments listening to the birds sing.  I thought I would do something different and start off this post today with some birds songs. . I also just had to include this one picture that popped up when I was looking for quotes.  Keep Smiling and have a great day!



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