Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! It’s a sunny day, perfect weather for going to visit a greenhouse, full of beautiful flowers and plants. I plan on coming home with some for my front porch. How long they will survive? Well perhaps we can set a record this year! My Mom’s green thumb didn’t exactly extend to me! Our house growing up was always full of thriving flowers and plants, as was our yard. My Dad used to talk about how he should build a greenhouse for my Mom. Flowers are beautiful and I hope today you can feel flowers blooming in your heart!

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33 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. Excellent and meaningful quotes! I am going with the much loved and often quoted #8 by none other than “Honest Abe” Lincoln. It is a fitting choice for this day which is the annual observance of what is called “National Honesty Day” founded in 1991 by M. Hirsh Goldberg. It was inspired by his own book titled “The Book of Lies”. I first heard of it in 1993 and jot it onto each year’s calendar. However, using the word national is untruthful in and of itself…there is no congressional record or presidential proclamation establishing it as a national observance. It seems most unlikely that we would see such a proclamation forthcoming this year! April 30th was chosen by Goldberg to end the month on a moral note after beginning the month with April Fools Day that celebrates falsehoods. Mr. Goldberg gives out “Honest Abe” awards each year on this day after considering the nominations sent over the past year. Mr. Goldberg has authored a number of other great books, among them “The Blunder Book” and “The Complete Book of Greed”. “Honesty is something you can’t wear out.” – Waylon Jennings.In all honesty…Thank-YOU!

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    • Oh Ellen, I am always learning new things from you! Thank you! And had to laugh at your prediction that it seems unlikely to have a National proclamation of honesty this year! You are right!


      • It delights me that I am able to add some bits of trivia and at times, even useless information! My children have long tired of hearing me go on ad nauseam on any given topic. Although, in all honesty, they do still look to me for a quote to fill a need or a holiday to celebrate when there is no other apparent reason to do so. I am the one who is laughing, as both you and Jill have presented me with the perfect opportunity to share “Honesty Day” today. I could not have done better had I forewarned either of you and as is my mischievous nature…of course I did not! I consider this the gold star on my day!! Thank-you, again!

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  2. Enjoy your spring planting! It is chilly and gray here today, so am not inspired to do mine; but we did get mulch put down over the weekend, so that’s a start. I like #1 — summer and bright colors will be here soon!

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