Mama’s Roses

046f781a4024f796d2217edfe570ae51 This painting is from Pinterest and was done in 1908 by Waterhose.  It’s called “The Soul of the Rose”


She breathed in the scent of the sweet rose. Taking deep breaths she tried to stop the butterflies from having a party inside her stomach. Oh how she longed for yesterday, to go back to an easier time. Her life now seemed to be more full of questions than of answers.

These days life seemed to be taking her on quite the ride. Sometimes she could relax, and breathe and take the time to smell the roses, but other times she felt like she was hanging on to the caboose for dear life as the train sped down the tracks.

Speeding down the tracks and sometimes heading  for what seemed to be dark tunnels. She would stretch forward trying to look for the light.

This place held so many memories, she was afraid to step out and go somewhere new. Taking another breath of the sweet rose, she quieted the butterflies inside of her, telling them it would be okay. She was embarking on a new day, a new adventure and there was a part of her spirit that as eager to soar.

Memories came back of when she was a little girl. Planting roses with her Mama, digging in the dirt and eagerly waiting to see the flowers bloom. So many days they had spent working side by side together in the flower garden.

The years passed and her Mama got older. It got harder for her to walk around as much.  Juliet would clip the roses and bring them inside for her to enjoy. They would share cups of tea and talk about memories of days past, savoring the time together, as the wonderful aroma of the roses filled the room.

The roses were like her Mama, their fragrance spilled out for others to enjoy as they passed by. Her Mama’s fragrance of gentleness and love also overflowed, touching all who knew her.

This place was so special, but now her sweet Mama was gone and it was time for Juliet to move on. To be thankful in her heart for all the yesterdays and to move on to embrace enchanting tomorrows.

Courage rose up in her as she deeply breathed in one more time the fresh scent. She would forever carry inside of her the aroma of her Mama’s sweet, blushing pink rose.



20 thoughts on “Mama’s Roses

    • So glad you were touched by the story! Sorry about your Mom, fortunately mine is still alive but I watch her getting older and it’s hard to think about the day that will inevitably come. Glad that you have fragrances to bring back memories of your Mom.


  1. A lovely story! I never, ever think of roses without thinking about my dear sweet Gram. Her entire yard and garden had rose bushes everywhere, some had been planted by her Mother and still prospered and bloomed. There was a wood arbor that led into the garden that was surrounded by a stone wall. Climbing roses covered that arbor with the most delicate little pink blooms. There were roses of many hues and scents, I no longer remember the names but Gram knew each and every one. I have the basket that she would use to carry them when she went out with her shears to cut some stems for indoors. Once cut the roses didn’t last very long indoors, but Gram had a solution. She placed the in a canning jar and put them in the refrigerator to keep them fresh. My Mother once told her that she should leave them on the table because no one could see them where they were. Gram softly said : “I can, everytime that I open the refrigerator door.” My Gram was a true gem, I can never fill her shoes. Thank-you!

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    • Awh!! Thanks for sharing those precious words about your Gram! So glad my post could remind you of her! Seems to me you are filling her shoes well, as you spread joy and smiles to others! 🙂 ❤


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