The Eggstra Special Eggs

“Do you have all the eggs ready?” asked Jinx. It was time for the annual North Pole Easter Egg Hunt and this year Jinx and Jangle were in charge of it.

“Just finishing up!” said Jangle.  “Only 3 more to go.”

Jinx and Jangle were admiring their handwork while putting all the eggs in 2 big baskets. They were pretty impressed with their artistic work on the eggs.

“Guess its time for us to start hiding them now. Oh wait a minute where is Snowball? Remember we gave him some eggs for he said he would help. He was in charge of the special eggs.” said Jangle.

The special eggs were the ones that could be traded in for fun rewards. Rewards like a day off work, a extra long ride somewhere on the back of Dinosaris, and a special meal made by Santa’s own personal Chef. Chef Salvo. Everyone loved his food, especially Santa!

“That’s right, ” said Jinx, “But you know Snowball, he is probably napping again.”

They decided they would go over to his house and wake him. Grabbing their basket of eggs they left.

They walked just a little ways when Jinx said, ” Hey look! Here comes Dinosaris with Snowball on his back.”

They were flying low and landed right in front of Jinx and Jangle.

“Thanks for the ride.” Snowball said, as he climbed off Dinosaris.

“Hi guys, here are the eggs,  they all have the special gold star stickers on them!”

“Great! Lets get started hiding them!”

It took them quite awhile, for finding hiding places for 100 eggs could be rather hard.

At last they finished and they informed Santa that they were ready for the Easter Egg Hunt to begin!

Soon elves were scrambling everywhere and chattering away as they hunted for the eggs. Jinx, Jangle and Snowball were enjoying watching along with Santa.

“I found a special egg! I found one!” shouted Flake.

“Here Jinx, give it to Santa for me please, as I go try to find some more.” Flake tossed it to Jinx, and Jinx tried his best to catch it, but he missed and it cracked as it hit the ice.

“OOPS!”  said Jinx. Santa just chuckled and assured Jinx that he would make sure Flake got a special reward.

“We could throw some more eggs your way Jinx and perhaps you could make scrambled eggs!” laughed Jangle and Snowball.

The hunt took extra long this year, for the eggs had been hidden really well. The elves were asking clues, but the clues that Jinx, Jangle and Snowball came up with mostly just caused the elves to be confused as Jinx, Jangle and Snowball just laughed.

At last it was over and everyone was happy with what they had found.

“Thank you guys for your hard work,” Santa said to Jinx, Jangle and Snowball. You did a great job! If you are hungry, Chef Salvo has his own special poached eggs waiting for you”

They wouldn’t turn down Chef Salvo’s food. They all eagerly walked towards the kitchen. To their surprise he had more than just eggs for them, he also had small special chocolate cakes for each of them.

“Wow! This is great!”

They were finishing up when Santa said “Hey guys, when you are finished you may want to look at the bottom of your plates.”

Cleaning up the crumbs, for you couldn’t let them go to waste, they turned over their plates to look.

“A gold star! We got gold stars! What do they mean Santa? Are we getting another reward besides this yummy food that we just had?”

“Yes!” said Santa, and he smiled, and then to their surprise just walked away.

The 3 elves looked at each other curiously. What did Santa mean?  What was their reward? They looked at Chef Salvo.

“Do you know what Santa has up his sleeve? ” they asked.

Chef Salvo winked,” OH that Santa can be tricky, but yes I do know, and you all will find out in time. ” he said,  chuckling as he walked away.





13 thoughts on “The Eggstra Special Eggs

  1. You know, it never once occurred to me that Santa and the elves would have an Easter egg hunt at the North Pole in the snow! Poached eggs and chocolate cake does not appeal to me, but perhaps elves have strange taste buds. Benjamin will be ecstatic to learn that Jinx, Jangle and Snowflake are having an Easter adventure. He will be curious about the gold stars, he knows that they are only awarded for the best work. Happy Easter to you and yours! Thank-you!

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    • You are most welcome! I had a feeling that most people didn’t know about the fun elves had at Easter . They are elves, always looking for ways to have fun! Glad you enjoyed it and yeah they may have strange taste buds. 🙂


  2. Right after Benjamin arrived yesterday and before the rest of the family could get here, he had his indoor Egg Hunt because of rain. The Easter Bunny’s assistant, also known as Gem, hid the decades old plastic eggs throughout four rooms. It took more time to hide forty eggs than for him to find them! He was also faster than the flash of cameras, I caught more photos of Mommy’s hand and Iphone than of Benjamin. I even stooped to staged replays just to capture some shots. The usual photographer, not to mention better, Auntie H was out and I had to try and replace her. Then Mommy started preparing dinner, Daddy watched TV as Benjamin and I checked my computer for “his” emails…this one among them. As warned, he noticed a missing letter as soon as Dinosauris appeared : “Gem, wait! Miss JoyRoses forgot the “u” again! She made the same mistake again, but it’s okay cause my teacher says you learn from your mistakes. Do you think Miss JoyRoses is learning?” ‘Benjamin’, I told him, ‘it could take a little more time!’ He laughed and said : “That’s okay, cause she tells great stories.” He loved the story about an “Egg Hunt at Santas house” and can’t wait for the next part. He did point out : “Miss JoyRoses won’t get a gold star for mistakes, I don’t!” My plan was to come back last evening after all had left our celebration to add comments to each of the places we had visited. That did not happen because of a small mishap with a bottle of water tipping over and some landing into the keyboard while Mommy and I were cooking. I have to blame that Gem, who gives a 5 yr. old a bottle of water with a straw while sitting at the computer? The result should have been foreseeable as well as preventable, hopefully she learned from her mistake! The computer was turned off, batteries removed from the keyboard and mouse, water shaken out as quickly as possible and then…a scathingly brilliant idea came to me! Drying it out with my hair dryer set on cool! When Auntie H came home, she advised leaving it to dry until this morning rather than risk “frying” it just in case it wasn’t completely dry. As you can tell, all is well! The worst outcome is that I am more than 2 days behind on reading emails, but that can be slowly remedied. Thank-you!

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  3. Benjamin you are such an observant boy! You are right, I forgot the “u” again! I don’t know what it is about that letter that just slips my mind all the time! Thank you for your patience and perhaps I will get a gold star next time! 🙂 I bet you do great at getting gold stars! 🙂

    Very glad that the water spill didn’t damage the computer! I have a feeling that mistake won’t be repeated 🙂 Glad Benjamin had such fun finding the eggs. I guess he was the energizer bunny flying around. 🙂


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