A Moment in Time




It was a beautiful Spring day in Paris, back in April of 2014. when our family had the wonderful opportunity of traveling to Europe and we thoroughly enjoyed it. One of the  landmarks that we visited was The Notre Dame Cathedral. It was so majestic in its grandeur, outside and in.

I felt peace as I walked inside admiring the beautiful stained glass windows, the artwork and the lighted candles. There was a respectful hushed silence as many of us filled the cathedral.



Sadly there was a different type of silence this past Monday, as a huge crowd was gathered watching flames overcome the Cathedral. This wasn’t just a historic monument that was burning, for many it was their special place of worship.

Yes, God isn’t just found in majestic buildings, He can be in the most humble shack and you can feel His presence in the wonder and beauty of nature, but still for many The Notre Dame Cathedral held very special meaning for them and my heart goes out to them.

Thankfully the fire did not totally destroy the Cathedral, but it has suffered severe damage and it will be a long process to rebuild.

The Notre Dame Cathedral took over a hundred years to build! It has over 12 million people a year visit it as it is the most visited monument in France. The cathedral’s towers are more than 220 feet tall and the building is more than 400 feet long, according to Notre Dame’s website. It’s almost 52,000 square feet.

While reading some facts about The Notre Dame Cathedral, I came upon this  interesting fact, one that may not be known to many.  A hive of bees was intentionally placed on the Notre Dame rooftop in 2013. It was placed there to  help protect biodiversity and help prevent bees from dying off. Apparently beehives have now  been thriving on the spires of Notre Dame and Bee keeping has risen in the city of Paris, with a lot of the honey produced by the bees being given to the poor.

I am very glad we got to visit The Notre Dame Cathedral and I believe that it will shine again.

What moved me is how once again people draw together when there is a tragedy. How we can put aside our differences in the moment. People gathered in the streets and were singing Ave Maria together in front of the Cathedral. If only it didn’t take tragedies for people to join hands.

It wasn’t just the ones on the streets of Paris coming together, but people from around the world were tuned in  watching it on their televisions. I am sure some may have joined in singing “Ave Maria” too,  as they watched. Many others who watched had their hearts touched. If only it wasn’t just for a moment in time when people could share love and compassion with each other and sing in harmony. If only we could live in harmony as well.









18 thoughts on “A Moment in Time

  1. That must have been a beautiful sight to see. Catholic cathedrals, churches, and missions seem to have a special beauty and peaceful atmosphere. It’s sad that this great cathedral has sustained so much damage.

    I heard that they have a lead on how the fire was caused. Shortly after the flames broke out, a deformed looking hunched over man was spotted on the bell towers, cackling madly. The last anyone saw of him, he was making his escape by sliding down some ropes. Hopefully they’ll catch him.

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  2. I was in Paris on business in the early 1990s and was fortunate enough to have extra time to go to the Cathedral of Notre Dame, Musee d’Orsay, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and other notable landmarks. What I saw on Monday was truly heartbreaking. However, I am encouraged that they have already received, last I heard, over a billion dollars promised to help re-build. Much of what was lost can never be replaced, but there is much that still remains, and it will be re-built. 😥

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    • Paris is quite the city isn’t it! I wouldn’t want to live there but it has so many things to see! Did you get a chance to go to the Louvre? I loved just sitting in the courtyard watching
      the fountain.
      Yes, you are right there are things that cannot be replaced and it won’t be able to be built exactly the same But yes there is still hope that it will rise again. 🙂

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      • It is! I have not traveled widely, and Paris the only city in Europe I have ever been to. I actually wanted to stay and make my home there, but a couple of things stopped me: I had no money, and I speak only Spanish and English … no French! No, I didn’t get to the Louvre, although I had hoped to. As I said, it was a business trip, so my free time was somewhat limited. I always hoped to go back again someday.

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      • Yes, it is quite the expensive place to live. I think we heard on our tour that it was the 2nd most expensive place to live in the world. That kind of deterred us a bit. LOL! Glad you got to mix some pleasure in with business while there. Hopefully you do get to go back. The Louvre is just another WOW place. I also would have loved to go to Shakespeare’s Bookstore! I love books so much and history and this was a bookstore with books and full of history. It was said that years ago writers could bring a piece of their manuscripts to the bookstore and have a bed for the night if they needed one. The beds pulled out from the walls. We heard about it and passed right by it on a bus tour. If we ever make it back, I will go there! 🙂


  3. I was never able to visit Europe and see any of the wonderful monuments [oh, how I would have loved to see the stained glass windows] such as the Notre Dame Cathedral, but this helped me visualize a bit of what it would feel like. As you did, I would have entered reverently and quietly. Contrary to what some people seem to think, you don’t have to be a Catholic to appreciate such a beautiful building.

    Monday’s fire left me heartsick. I’m glad it’s not a total loss, but the images from after the fire are saddening. Like you, I’ve often wondered why it takes a tragedy or natural disaster for people to forget about differences and grudges to come together and help others. I live in SE Texas, one of the areas hit by Hurricane Harvey. It was amazing to see how people all came together to help others.

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    • Glad that my photos could help you visualize the beauty and you are so right , you don’t need to be Catholic to appreciate it!!

      I hope you didn’t have a lot of damage from the hurricane. It is heartwarming to see how people can come together to help each other! Gives you hope for mankind! We can be kind!

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