When the Stress Ball Pops!

It is funny how some memories can just pop into your mind out of the blue. The other day the memory came back to me of when I popped my stress ball. Yes, those little round spongy balls, that I used to think could never break.

I shared on this blog a couple years ago about when our family was going through a very emotional court case. You, my dear readers, were so supportive and I deeply appreciated it. I will say something that I repeated back then,Β  if I never walk through court room doors again, it will be too soon!

When I was sitting on the stand and testifying my stress ball popped! Sand poured out all over my lap, as my ball looked like a little popped balloon. My attorney and my sisters who were the first to see me after I got off the stand, started laughing when I held up what was left of my ball. I told the attorney that they should think about investing in stronger ones.

While court was very emotional this memory always makes me laugh, for I remember sitting on the stand thinking, “Seriously! Did I really just pop my ball!” It really did lighten the moment for me!

I wonder if the following animals had their “stress balls” pop as well, or what do you think has caused the expression on their faces? Enjoy, and remember even if your stress ball pops, you can give your family and friends a really tight hug. I promise, they won’t pop! πŸ™‚

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25 thoughts on “When the Stress Ball Pops!

  1. I’ve never heard of a stress ball popping, but at least it was helping you, which is awesome. Worth the ruined ball. You’re so right about hugs, and I think with the β€˜surprised’ animal pics too. Life can be stressful at many times and human hugs and understanding, and animal cuddles can cure a lot of that. Like a weight has been lifted.

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  2. OMG! I don’t remember if you told us you popped that stress ball! That is so funny! What a great humorous memory of a terribly difficult and stressful time. Love those kind of little gifts in life! ❀

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      • So I assume the verdict was guilty.

        Sexual abuse can be very painful, and I’m sure your daughter has been through a lot. I hope she’s found ways to deal effectively with the pain. She’s lucky to have a mother like you, who gave her understanding. I believe that understanding is the most important ingredient to healing.

        When one of my sisters told my mother about being abused by my stepfather, my mother slapped her and told her to never say anything like that again. There was no understanding. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that as an adult she had three failed marriages, and two husbands who were physically abusive. Giving her understanding might have prevented that.

        It’s nice to know that some mothers are able to understand.


        • Oh Tippy my heart goes out to your sister!! So very sad!! There just are no words sometimes! am glad to know that at least she has a caring and understanding brother like you!

          Yes the verdict was guilty, though not on all the counts but he did get sent to prison. My daughter is healing with the help from a counselor and those who love her!

          Thanks again for your words and for caring.

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  3. I must admit that when I read the title of this post I thought ‘what is this girl talking about?’ I was picturing a little glob in your brain bursting and the stress flowing out allover the place. I am well aware of exercise balls that are used in P.T. to strengthen hand muscles. I have read about the fidget spinners, have seen and held a fidget cube, and even own a few lovely worry stones that were gifts…but a ball to squeeze and to relieve stress must have passed right by me. May I also say that I might become stressed by continually squeezing a ball, a fidget spinner would make me dizzy, the fidget cube is just strange, but the worry stones do have some esthetic merit. I may fortunately be one of those persons that are unaffected by the stresses that life presents, or as has been said, perhaps I fail to grasp the gravity of the situation. Consider these words of unknown origin : “A diamond is just a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well.” A “Gem” needs to know how to handle pressure! Thank-you!

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    • Oh Ellen you make me smile! Sorry for the confusion. πŸ™‚ I actually never used stress balls before the court trial. The attorney gave one to my daughter to use and I was like hey I could use that too! I did have a worry stone before when I was in the hospital one time, they are nice.
      Thanks for the quote, you are a “gem” πŸ™‚


  4. That is a fun memory – well
    Ugh to the court and I hear ya on staying away from there – lol
    But the sand and whole thing – and maybe that is why some of them today are made of foam –
    Oh and the animals are cute

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