What will the Seven Dwarfs do?

I was asked yesterday what happened to Doc, Sneezy and Bashful, being that I had only included Sleepy, Happy, Dopey and Grumpy in my Friday’s post. To be fair to all the dwarfs I decided to post a story today including all of them. The twist to the story is that I would love to have help from all of you!

I will start the story and then someone can add to it, you can write just a line or 2 or more, whatever you prefer. As long as your creative juices keep flowing, you are welcome to keep going.  Have fun with it and write whatever you want. I am pretty confident that with the help of all of you, these dwarfs will have an adventure like they never had before!

The Seven Dwarfs and their Crazy Day!

“A-choo! A-choo!” Sneezy came stumbling out of his bedroom bumping into Grumpy, who wasn’t too happy.

“Must you sneeze so loud! Can’t Doc help you, isn’t that what Doc’s are supposed to do?” Grumpy said in a snappy voice.

Bashful looked up from the book he was reading, but didn’t say a word and quickly looked back down when Grumpy looked his way. At that moment Happy came out of his room whistling a cheery tune, causing Grumpy to cover his ears.

14 thoughts on “What will the Seven Dwarfs do?

  1. Dopey came out of the kitchen and wanted to know what all the ruckus was about.
    Sleepy was yawning and asked if it was time for bed yet, but Happy was his usual cheerful self and announced breakfast would be ready in five minutes. Doc was looking for his glasses to read the paper and Grumpy asked if it was bacon and eggs. Bashful said it was porridge today as it was Saturday, and Sneezy let rip with another belter which blew the paper all over the floor.

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    • This made Grumpy even grumpier, for they were his important papers that were now strewn all over the floor!
      “First, no bacon, and now this mess, I should just go back to bed!” said Grumpy.
      “Sounds like a good idea, would make us happy,” said Bashful in a very quiet voice.

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  2. “I heard that!” yelled Grumpy.

    Bashful turned bright red and buried his face deeper into the book.

    Then came a light knock on the door. Doc opened it. It was Snow White herself. She said, “I need some help changing a light bulb.”

    All 7 dwarfs jumped to attention and enthusiastically raised their hands. “I’ll do it! I’ll do it!” They all competed to be heard. Even bashful was thronging to be the chosen helper of Snow White.

    Snow White laughed. “Well how about if all of you help with the bulb. You can be a team.”

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    • Dopey thought that sounded like fun, so he was all for it. Sleepy didn’t know what was going on as he had fallen asleep on the floor.
      Dopey hopped up on Happy’s shoulders and Happy started spinning…..and…there was light! Dopey had done it! He was smiling as he got off Happy’s shoulders, Something he did actually worked this time!

      “Thank you guys! What would you like to do now?” asked Snow White.

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  3. And then the unicorn spoke. And it said, “I smell coffee on your breath. Aren’t you aware of the dangers of coffee? Coffee is poison. If you want to catch me, you’ll have to stop drinking coffee.”

    And in a flash, the unicorn disappeared over a rainbow, and the poor dwarfs just stood there, fixed to the ground, unable to follow. Their bellies were weighed down from too much coffee.

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