Friday’s Super Short Stories!

No baby learns how to walk, by lying in their crib all the time. They take faltering steps, and they fall many times, but they keep persisting. Change happens, and they start walking!

The light can shine through the dark, but one needs to open their eyes!

Which Dwarf greets you in the morning, Happy, Dopey, Sleepy or Grumpy?


37 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. How does it go? Sometimes I wake up grumpy, other times I let him sleep.
    Definitely Sleepy today. Hubby was up at 5.30, so in turn so was Maggie. She’s still refusing her meds, so her breakfast remains down with fresh water and she’s having nothing else. Guess I’m the wicked witch as well.

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    • LOL about Grumpy. :).
      Sorry that Maggie is still refusing her meds. Are they little pills? We have hidden the pill between 2 mini marshmallows stuck together and they just gulp it down in one bite.


      • The pills are tiny and she has to have one and aahalf a day. We’ve tried them in cheese, wrapped in ham, and ground up with her scrambled egg for breakfast. Yesterday she liked prawns so I left a couple for this morning. No! Would she????
        Plan E was tuna fish, so I put a few flakes on top of her dish and she scoffed the lot. No doubt if we do that tomorrow, she’ll leave it.
        Plan F is minced beef. I’m making chilli and rice tomorrow, so she can have some rice and some minced beef before I add anything else. She won’t get that until lunch time though so we shall see if timing makes a difference.
        Plan G is the dried sausage treats she helps herself to in the pet shop (we do pay!) which Hubby intends to drill a hole into and push the pills inside.
        I’m running out of pills and the alphabet!

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  2. What happened to Doc, Bashful, and Sneezy? But I’m greeted by Grumpy. That’s my wife. She acts like Dracula to a crucifix if I say “good morning” to her. I’m not allowed to talk to her until she speaks first. And that’s usually not until she’s had her morning coffee fix.

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