Love on the Wall

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall …

Humpty Dumpty had great fun, sitting in the sun and watching Jack and Jill come tumbling down the hill.

“HI Jack and Jill!” cried Humpty from his perch on the wall.

Jack and Jill heard him and came running over to chat for a bit.

“How are you Humpty Dumpty?” said Jack.

“I am fine, just sitting and listening to the birds sing. So nice to hear them sing again, now that Spring is here. The black cap chickadee, the whipporwill , the nuthatch and the tufted titmouse, all so delightful to the ear.”

Jack and Jill agreed. They chatted a bit more and then remembered that they needed to get their chores done, before going to Scarborough Fair that night. They bid Humpty Dumpty goodbye and soon were out of sight.

Humpty continued to sit, for what else was he to do, he was on a wall and he surely didn’t want to fall.

He sat and listened to the wonderful songs of the birds and he waved to all that came by. All were welcome at his friendly wall. People stopped to chat and some climbed over the wall as it wasn’t very tall, and some went around. The wall wasn’t built to keep anyone away, it was just a nice  place for Humpty Dumpty  to sit.  A place where he didn’t feel alone, for there was always all kinds of people passing by.

Humpty Dumpty was known to everyone. Some would come and tell him their problems, as they sat by him on the wall. They knew they could count on him to listen, for he wasn’t going anywhere. Others would share stories and laughter with him.Sometimes he had to be careful that he didn’t laugh too hard, possibly causing him to fall.

On the wall he would sit, and wave to all the kings horses and all the kings men as they rode by him at nightfall.

In the stillness of the night, Humpty Dumpty’s heart would be full. It would be flooded with warmth as another day had been spent spreading love from the wall.


10 thoughts on “Love on the Wall

    • Thanks Meg, yes Love is powerful but not quite powerful enough to conquer gravity! 🙂
      This was another one of those stories where I really didn’t know where it was going, but I liked where it ended up. 🙂


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