Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Tap dancing on thin ice can be a challenging act.

Footprints in the sand will be washed away, but the footprints that someone leaves on your heart will last forever.

Sometimes the most craziest, outlandish things, can have a beautiful story behind them! Would you be seen with this cat? 


25 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. That cat has a truly differant meaning to me now then on the day I received it. Poor thing was most likely headed for the donation bin, until it got intercepted by my husband. ❤

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  2. Satcaturday’s short stories require a little editing, please allow me! I would submit that tap dancing on thin ice could be cat-astrophic! It can also be said that Pawprints on your heart will undoubtedly last forever. That cat has a winning smile and a colorful purr-sonality…how could anyone not be smitten?! I categorically deny that these catical comments contain any input from my feline owners, they couldn’t be so bothered. Thank-you!

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      • As Charlie Chaplin said : “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” Isn’t it nice to know that the whole day still awaits and already you haven’t wasted it? This favor has already been returned by you to me. I was revisiting Colin’s music post from yesterday to check on a possible visit from someone. As I was placing yet another comment, I came upon the interchange between Tippy Gnu and you. It made me laugh…the check is in the mail indeed! This leads me to ask if you had read Jill’s music post from yesterday too? Thank-you and keep laughing!

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        • That is such a good quote and so true! Laughter is wonderful and I am happy to return the favor. 🙂 You never know what conversations, me and Tippy and Colin may get into!
          If you want more laughter you should read Colin’s post, The Law of Holes!! The post will make you laugh as well as the comments. You know how I seem to dig holes quite easily! 🙂
          I didn’t see Jill’s music post yet. I love them and will be sure to check it out. Thanks! So glad to have you back online! :)<3

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