Fun and Laughter at the North Pole

“Buzzzzzz!” Jangle reached out with his eyes still closed and turned off his alarm clock.  Why did morning have to come so early! He stumbled out of bed and grabbed his towel to go take a shower.

Jinx heard the water running from the shower and started chuckling to himself. He couldn’t wait to see this! He hopped out of bed and went into the kitchen to start making breakfast.

He was enjoying  a nice cup of tea when Jangle walked into the kitchen.

“Good Morning Jinx!”

Jinx looked up and tea came spraying out of his mouth when he took a look at Jangle.

Jinx was laughing so hard and Jangle just stared at him.

“What is so funny?”

Jinx couldn’t speak as he was bent over laughing.

While continuing to stare at Jinx, Jangle helped himself to some eggs.

At last Jinx got control of himself and finished drinking his tea with a big smile on his face.

“Care to share the joke, Jinx?” asked Jangle, as he was finishing eating.

“You will know soon enough!” Jinx replied, ” I am going to head out now, Santa wanted me to start earlier today. See ya soon.”

Jangle stared after Jinx as he went out the door. He shook his head, Jinx sure could be strange at times. What could possibly be so funny?

Well he better finish getting ready for the day. He went back into the bathroom to do his hair, since the mirror shouldn’t be fogged up anymore.

WHHHATT! What was he looking at!  Jangle touched his orange hair. How did….? Oh he had to go see Jinx, for he was confident that Jinx was responsible for his hair being a bright orange color now!! But wait, he had to do some thinking first, and he sat down to come up with a plan.

After thinking, Jangle had a smile on his face matching the gleam in his eye. This would be good. He left the house and went to see Candy Cane.

Jangle left Candy Cane’s place. She had thought the plan was great and assured him of her cooperation.  He was laughing to himself as he walked towards the building that Jinx and Snowball were working in. Let the games begin, he thought to himself.

“Hi Jangle! How are you?”  Jinx and Snowball asked , while grinning ear to ear.

“I am fine.”  Jangle replied as he went to his table to start working on a new toy.

A few moments passed and then Jinx called out to Jangle. “Why are you still wearing your hat?”

“I just feel like it, why do you ask?” replied Jangle.

“Oh no reason, ” said Jinx, as he and Snowball started laughing.

“Hey Jinx, I almost forgot Candy Cane wanted to see you. You too Snowball.”

“Okay, we will head over there, and Jangle I think you should really take your hat off.” Snowball said.

“I agree!” said Jinx.

Jangle laughed to himself thinking, we will see who is laughing, when they come back! Soon some of the other elves that he had talked to earlier came in the door to help him. They went to work and got everything set up. Candy Cane had said she would keep Jinx and Snowball busy long enough to give them all time to set up.

They were ready, and now they just waited. It wasn’t long before Jangle and the other elves could hear Jinx and Snowball’s voices right outside the door. Jangle had a big smirk on his face, this was going to be great.

The door opened and silly string was sprayed at Jinx and Snowball from all directions. They were covered from head to toe in emerald green silly string! Everyone was laughing as Jinx and Snowball stared at each other in shock. They took a step towards Jangle, when a big bucket of sparkly confetti dropped drown on them, sticking to the silly string. Just as they were about to speak, a large net fell over them.

Jangle and the other elves had definitely pulled one over on them this time! They tried to get out of the net but kept sticking to it because of the sticky silly string.

Jangle was bent over laughing, it had really worked. Whoa! What was…!

Now Snowball and Jinx were laughing as they looked at Jangle, who was also covered in a net and getting sprayed by silly string from all directions.

“Hey this wasn’t part of the plan!” Jangle yelled.

Candy Cane was smirking, ” Sometimes you need to be more clever than the plan!”  she said.”Don’t worry, I will tell Santa that you guys are all tied up in a rather sticky situation.”

They heard her and the other elves laughing as they left the building and closed the door.




28 thoughts on “Fun and Laughter at the North Pole

  1. I read this delightful tale very, very late last night and meant to leave a comment but failed to do so. Benjamin and I had quite a busy April Fool’s Day, as you may know if you read about it on Jodi’s yumalicious Peanut Butter Marshmallow Fluff Thumbprint cookies post comment yesterday. If you haven’t made them, do so with haste! But, as usual, I digress. Benjamin will be here tomorrow and I am quite certain that he will love this latest tale about his favorite elves’ misadventures. Thank-you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Ellen! Oh yes I want to make her cookies. I used to have fluffer nutter sandwiches all the time when I was growing up, so was delighted to see the cookies!
      So glad you enjoyed this latest tale and will be eager to hear Benjamin’s thoughts on it. 🙂 Have a great day!


  2. I was unable to read this tale to Benjamin on Wednesday, it was a busy appointment filled day. Finally, this afternoon I was able to share it with him. Benjamin had Jinx, Jangle, Snowflake, Dinosauris, Jaxon and Jellybean crowded around the computer desk to listen too. He laughed and laughed, then had me read the paragraph that starts “The door opened and silly string…” over two more times. According to Benjamin, every single one of them loved the story, even though as he told me : “Jinx and Jangle knew what happened, but they love to hear their stories again and again. They are so silly!” I believe that this adventure was well enjoyed by all! Thank-you x 2!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my gosh, I am just imagining the scene of all of you crowded around the computer! I love hearing Benjamin’s thoughts . Makes me so happy to make him smile and laugh! And so glad that ALL enjoyed it. You all are very welcome! ❤


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