Did I Say That?

d0f53b713cfc3e1df990afe75fdb8c3f from Pinterest (this picture was just too cute for me to pass by!)


Oops! It had happened again! Coco the squirrel  sometimes couldn’t keep the thoughts inside her head from coming out of her mouth. By the look on her Mama’s face, she realized that she better quickly scamper away this time.

After she felt like she was far enough away, she started looking for some nuts. She found them and shoved them in her mouth, and then she found some more and shoved them in as well. Perhaps if she kept enough  nuts in her mouth all the time there would be no chance of her words getting her into trouble.

“Hey Coco! How are you?” called Thumper to her friend, as she hopped up to Coco.

Coco shook her head with her cheeks puffed out.

“Wow! How many nuts do you have in there? Your cheeks look like they are going to explode!”

Coco shook her head again and suddenly her mouth opened and the nuts came falling out.

Thumper was laughing as Coco sighed. ” Well that idea isn’t going to help! It’s hopeless!”

“What were you trying to do?”, asked Thumper.

“I thought if I stuffed my mouth full enough then I wouldn’t say things that get me into trouble!”

Thumper’s eyes twinkled as she said, “Uh-oh! What did you say now?”

Thumper was used to her friend getting into trouble, but she couldn’t help but laugh, for usually it was funny predicaments that Coco found herself in.

“Why don’t we go and find Flower, and maybe we can all play a game of hide and seek again.”

‘That sounds like fun.” said Coco. “Remember the last time we played and Flower’s tail was sticking out above the rock? ” she asked.

“Yes”, said Thumper, ” that was so funny when Milo the Monkey grabbed it not knowing it was Flower! He sure got a surprise! I remember seeing him washing in the river for a really long time!”

“Hey, if we play long enough perhaps my Mama will forget what I said when I go back home.” Coco told Thumper.

“She might”, replied  Thumper, ” but knowing you, it won’t be long until you are in trouble again!”

Thumper was laughing as she hopped away to find Flower and Bambi. Coco scampered after her throwing some nuts at Thumper’s back. Coco had to laugh too, for she knew from past history that most likely Thumper’s comment would prove to be true.





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