What Hate Can Do!

This past Friday my heart broke as I heard the news about New Zealand and the awful tragedy that happened in a mosque there. Shots rang out bringing the lives of 49 innocent people to an abrupt end! 49 people in New Zealand sitting in a place of worship were gunned down in cold blood all because of hate. Why? Why do we hate so much?

My heart goes out to the family and friends of the victims. The loss of a loved one can be one of the hardest things anyone goes through in this life. When my brother died, it left a hole in my heart that will never be filled. He died at the young age of 23, due to a massive heart attack. We lost him suddenly, a horrible shock, but there is one thing that has resonated in my mind these past couple days. One thing that stands out to me about my brother’s death. My brother didn’t die because someone hated him and didn’t think he was worthy of living! My brother didn’t die because of the actions of someone else.

Its horrible enough to lose a love one, but I just can’t imagine the pain of losing him due to the hateful actions of someone else. I know many in this world have lost a loved one due to senseless violence and its just so heartrending to think about.

According to the news, the shooter that opened fire in the mosque was from Australia and he had one mission. He wanted to show those who were in the mosque that they weren’t safe anywhere!  He wanted to express his hate, and he did so in a tragic, deadly way!

Why, oh why, do we hate?

I think we can all agree for the “someday” to come that is sung about in the following song by Celtic Women. I hope you enjoy the song. I didn’t want this to be a totally dismal post. I hope this song can bring hope to your heart and help you to keep shining and doing your part to spread love!







32 thoughts on “What Hate Can Do!

  1. As I said earlier today to TG:

    “No wonder Austin didn’t want to stay here ~ he didn’t have AI (Artificial Intelligence) . . . he had RI (Real Intelligence)!”

    We should be doing So Much Better than we are as a species.

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  2. I think some of this has to do with people taking politics and religion way too seriously. People with mental illness are often attracted to politics and religion. Then they take cues from government and spiritual leaders to carry out these bloody attacks. Throw in semi-automatic rifles that are easily acquired, and you have a recipe for these sad, tragic events to occur.

    So sorry that your brother died so young. But as you say, at least it wasn’t at the hands of hatred.


    • Yes there are many factors involved in the senseless tragedies like this that happen!

      Thank you very much Tippy. I have shared about my brother on here a few years back. He collapsed on the soccer field, he loved soccer.
      It turned out that all his arteries were 100 percent clogged. He had very high cholesterol. It was back before Dr’s really knew as much about the dangers of high cholesterol. Turned out that we have a genetic problem, liver produces way too much cholesterol . My parents,sisters,nieces and nephews all have it, but somehow I missed out on the bad gene. Not complaining a bit!!

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  4. What a lovely, but sad, song. Lovely because she is singing what most of us dream about, and sad because ……….
    When I was in my teens and confronted with the aftermath of WWII, and the USSR and USA postering with nuclear bombs, my generation was extremely vocal in the area of peace, mutual tolerance and the “love thy neighbour” perspective. It would appear to have served little purpose based on today’s activities around the world. Perhaps your generation will be more effective. I sincerely hope so.

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    • Glad you enjoyed the song, you are right though about it being lovely and sad!
      I would love for our generation to bring change but I believe I have more hope for my children’s generation to do that! I think of what the Parkland students in Florida did after their school shooting and the stand they took. I think they have great promise if we don’t mess up things too badly before they get a chance!

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